The official "iMac G4 Death Knell Thread" - Ask not for whom the bell tolls.....

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I suspect that we'll see declining sales of iMac G4's in the face of huge sales for the eMac, and it will e relegated to 'retired' status in less than six months.

Anyone else wanna take a shot?

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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,354member
    Not necessarily. iMac LCD's will appeal to.

    1. Space conscious users. eMac is small but it's still heavy.

    3. Users who prefer the look of text on LCD monitors.

    4. Companies that realize the Power Savings of the more efficient LCD iMac

    5. Users who like the cachet of the iMac LCD over the "been there done that" iMac CRT design.

    6. Affluent users who don't care about a $300 difference.

    How's that.

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    cdhostagecdhostage Posts: 1,038member
    I think the imac is going to get updated in July anyway.

    eMac will be a OLD motherboard with G4 700.

    New iMac will be NEW mobo with FW 2 and USB 2 and integrated Bluetooth

    G4 800

    G4 900

    G4 1000
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    surfratsurfrat Posts: 341member
    Maybe I'm missing something here...but I though the eMac does not have an option for a SuperDrive.

    Every person I know who has purchased a new iMac, has opted for the high-end *solely* because of the ability to burn DVD's. And until this feature is implemented into the eMac, it can almost be guaranteed that the eMac won't even touch iMac sales.

    The people I see purchasing the eMac are the people who were originally thinking of buying the CRT iMac G3, setting down a few extra bucks for some more processing power.
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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    I think Apple has decided that rather than letting iMac G3s try to fill in the low-end price pocket, they will let the eMac do it instead. Apple must have realized that the iMac LCD wasn't going to get anywhere near $1000 in the next 12-24 months, so why neglect that market segment when you already have a spiffy new product that can fill it in (and getting good production runs out of)? It create a dilemma down the road if/when component ocsts come down again, but I think Apple has a plan for that also. The eMac puts a burden on the LCD to get a bit bigger, but knowing Apple' they will take their time on that matter. They will wait at least 6 months, let the 17" LCD prices come down if they can, and rather than bump down the price around $1000 and eliminate the eMac so quickly, they keep price fairly steady (maybe drop the prices to their original levels) and add the larger screen (plus faster processor, etc.).

    I find the general decision of adding the eMac to retail a bit confusing, but I think the tight market forced their hand. I feel better about this than I did about the Cube.
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    There might be a few people grabbing an eMac over an iMac now - but to say that the LCD iMac will be retired in 6 months? Ain't gonna happen man.
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    The lack of combo drives on the eMac is a desperate attempt to seperate the two products.....besides that, there is no real user-experience difference between the two.

    1) Size of the iMac G4 is large than you think. Sure, it's footprint (the actual part touching the desktop) is smaller than the eMac, but once you clear out the space in front of the drives and where the monitor hangs, you really aren't that much shallower in the depth department, which is the key measurement.

    2) Superdrive. While I agree it is the drive format of the future, not everyone and their little sisters needs or wants a DVD burner. There is still no widespread use of DV like their is for audio. Maybe in a few years. Ergo, its an expensive (and not very fucntional) addition to the product.

    3) Price. The consumer segment of the market is driven by price. Decry it, deny it, hate it, fear it, but it's true. The eMac is cheaper and offers the same basic usability as the iMac.

    4) Design. The iMac is unquestionably a hipper more current and cooler design. ut the eMac has the old iMacs familiarity. People know the old iMac, and respect it, and understand the the eMac inherited the design and elegance of that product.

    Apple will resist, for as long as possible combo drives and superdrives in the eMac, but in the end they will succumb, and the eMac will push the iMac out of the nest.

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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    I don't think Apple wil let the eMac win. They would sooner pull it than the iMac. They didn't have that option with the Cube because it would have meant losing their flagship product in its top selling config.
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    jimdadjimdad Posts: 209member
    No offence, but do any of the new imac doubters here actually own one? We've just taken delivery of one at my school (I've already got one at home) and | haven't seen it since it arrived for crowds of kids round it. I've had four or five heads of dept. looking at it and our head is talking about several more. Its an awesome combination of looks and functionality and contrary to the feelings of some around here I have no complaints about its performance. It copes well with all my video / DTP work and its performance on RTCW is only let down by my tendency to panic under pressure . I've nothing against the emac - it looks great at the price- but there is no way that the imac is going to be anything other than a huge success for Apple. The one doubt I see on the horizon for all desktops is the growing lure of the laptop, certainly in schools as there are only so many desktops you can squeeze into a classroom.

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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    Once the iMac gets updated the eMac won't be a threat.
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    For those who want flat screens and an unobtrusive appearance (you cant even see the new iMac when working because its hidden by the screen) their is no choice. The iMac will continue to be a huge success in this and future revisions. No comparison with the eMac, no jealousy, no nothing... When apple rolls out iMac rev. 2 it will cement the fact that these are two different product lines that have different target markets... budget(edu, etc) vs. consumer. And apple consumers dont necessarily nickel and dime you to death as PC guys do.

    With my mac, I will simply decide which is best for me and then configure it within my budget. If I can't pony up for an LCD iMac, so be it... eMac it is. But like many, a super-drive has never been so close ('cept with the discounts on the PMac line have made an 800 w/superdrive tempting)

    im rambling now, what were we talking about?
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    soopadrivesoopadrive Posts: 182member
    There's several issues to take in account here on the sales differences between the legendary iMac and the most affordable G4 ever. I think by MWNY, the LCD iMac will drop in price within the same range as the eMac ($1199 for low-end, $1499 for high-end?), or perhaps add a few extra features to them. Within a year, I'm guessing they'll come out with a totally new design for the iMac. So really, I am not worried at all about the future of the iMac, not because of the eMac anyway. IMHO, the LCD iMac is alot more attractive than the eMac, and I think alot of people have attached themselves more to the LCD than the eMac for that very reason. But hey, I'm all for this competition. This gives the consumer more choices, and that's exactly what Apple needs to do. To sum it up, the iMac is going to be around for a very long time.
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    mac voyermac voyer Posts: 1,292member
    [quote]Originally posted by SoopaDrive:

    <strong> I think by MWNY, the LCD iMac will drop in price within the same range as the eMac ($1199 for low-end, $1499 for high-end?)</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Just a little friendly advice, my brotha. Ease off on whatever that is you're smokin.
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    addisonaddison Posts: 1,185member
    Does anyone think the eMac is going to look better than this?

    The iMac will get a faster bus, processors and larger screen as soon as they are able to protect PowerMac sales. The eMac will look after the bottom end. CRT iMacs will go EOL.
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    The eMac will stay pretty much the same in order to drive the price lower and $999, then to $799. The iMac will continue to improve while starting at $1399 or $1299.
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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    It's interesting that Quanta was in the press recently about being awarded the contract to produce 17" and 19" (that big?!?!) iMac monitors. (Quanta is the company that accounced the award to build a 14" iBook and I didn't believe the reports at the time. So sceptics beware.) Seems like possible proof of what many of us are talking about: the divergence of the eMac and iMac from this point.

    iMacs keep their price and raise their specs. eMacs keep their specs and lower their prices.

    The questions to ask are: how much of a "bargain basement" computer is Apple willing to make, and is there a sufficient market for a mid-range iMac?
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    [quote] The eMac will stay pretty much the same in order to drive the price lower and $999, then to $799. The iMac will continue to improve while starting at $1399 or $1299. <hr></blockquote>

    I'll go with that. I think that the eMac will maybe get a combo drive eventually, but it really needs to drop to the price of the old iMac to be successful, and then the old iMac can be removed, and we still have a budget model.

    Hopefully the iMac will get a speed bump etc in the next few months, so that it is distanced from the eMac, but it's price will not rise. Then everything would be sunny in Apple land - we would just need big beefy fast PowerMacs then! :cool:
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    addisonaddison Posts: 1,185member
    I agree with BuonRotto, but I expec there to be more options with the iMac starting at the current level and rising for higher spec models such as 17 or 19" models.

    Clearly the price of LCD's has risen temporarily, and will revert to previous levels. I believe that next year the supply situation could lead to a fall in prices, so it could be that the 17" could be offered at the current price point with a 19" SE model.
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    anandanand Posts: 285member
    Speaking as someone who has a iMac 800 at home and has a lab full (well, 2) of emacs I can say that the iMac is worth the $300 bucks. The e-mac is nice but not in the same league as the iMac. The sceen is amazing on the iMac. On the eMac it is OK. Also, the eMac is heavy, I mean really heavy. In addition, there is no handle so it is hard to handle. The inclusion of a DVD drive (either Rom or R) will also keep people buying iMacs.

    And the rumor about 14.1 inch screens was attributed to new flat screen iMacs! I think we will see 17 and 19 inch monitors attached to some computer but I have a feeling it is not what we think. How about a Powermac that comes with a attachable or a detachable 17 inch or 19 inch screen? Now that would be nice.
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    [quote]Originally posted by anand:

    <strong>And the rumor about 14.1 inch screens was attributed to new flat screen iMacs! I think we will see 17 and 19 inch monitors attached to some computer but I have a feeling it is not what we think. How about a Powermac that comes with a attachable or a detachable 17 inch or 19 inch screen? Now that would be nice.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    No, the Alpha-Top rumor last summer was really 14 inch iBooks, but everyone thought that the company was mistaken, and that they really meant iMacs. Apple came out and said something to the effect of,"No 14 inch iBooks any time soon." The rumor turned out to be 100% correct, but just a bit later than most people expected.

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    posterboyposterboy Posts: 147member
    I am just going to go out on a limb here, But I don't think Apple is going to let a product that they put together using existing designs and parts (The eMac) edge out a product that they spent TWO YEARS developing (The LCD iMac).

    The only reason that they even opened up the eMac was because they saw another source of revenue, in fact they even make an extra hundred bucks over the educational model. I dont think hey will be changing anything about it any time soon because to add better features would help it edge out their baby, the iMac LCD.

    Just my opinion though, I could be wrong.


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