Disabling Computer-to-Computer network?

in macOS edited January 2014

I once created an ad-hoc Computer-to-Computer network called 'Salvation' and have since disconnected from it and joined other normal access points. Why does Salvation remain? Other computer can still see it. Is there no way to turn it off?

(Ignore the fact that the ad-hoc network's name is Salvation and so is one of the real access points.)


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    did you create the network with that computer?

    if so, have you tried, logging out and back in again?
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    dehgenogdehgenog Posts: 28member
    Now I can't even make my wifi network the default. It just connects to the adhoc network automatically
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    The network seems that it remains either as a favourite, or because the host computer of the network still has this network configured.

    Have you tried removing the network from: System preferences: Network: Airport: Preferred networks ?
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