Problems with Airport?

in macOS edited January 2014

I've been having some issues with my (1 year old) iBook G4's Airport tonight, and not to sure why really.

I installed Tiger this afternoon and it was fine at first, but now it just keeps cutting in and out all the time. Oh, and it was fine when I was running Panther.

I've installed all software updates available and tried turning the 'Interference Robustness' on and off which hasen't helped, so I thought I'd ask on here if there were any known issues with Airport not working properly with Tiger.

Thanks for any help given,


P.S Apart from the Aiport glitch, Tiger is fantastic


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    Actually, I think I solved it.

    I noticed that my neighbours wireless connection was on (it rarely is) and I'm guessing I was getting a lot of interference from that. It's off now and I haven't got any cut outs since.
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