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I downloaded old Umphrey's McGee podcasts today and put them in my itunes and only some of them go to my podcast directory on the left. I checked the info and changed them to podcast genre so heres my question... How come they dont all go to my podcast directory?

Any tips would be awesome.

my aim name is phish22103 if you have tips.



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    Just subscribe to the feed in iTunes and they'll all be in your Podcasts playlist.
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    ladies and gentlemen... captain obvious, lets give him a clap for that one.

    they dont offer the old ones on the subscription, hence me downloading them.

    thanks anyway tho if that was a real response.
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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    And how do you think that response to a very sane answer is going to encourage anyone else to help you?
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    because if you read the end of what i said, i said thanks anyway if it was a real response.
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