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I am the proud owner of the new 15" MBP! I'm wondering - how can I transfer music from my PC to my MBP? I also have it on my iPod, for reference.

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    tdnc101tdnc101 Posts: 109member
    Sorry all, I'm an idiot.


    =2 second google search.
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    I'd use Senuti, plug the iPod in, open Senuti, press Cmd-A, and press import on the upper right corner. The songs go right in iTunes, then you can Macify your iPod.
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    mystmyst Posts: 112member
    I don't know if this is the case or not, but you can transfer large files over a network or direct connect them with ethernet. It works Mac to Mac, so there is probably a Mac to PC compatibility. Just to throw out an idea if you have more than music to transfer.

    (Maybe switch iPod to hard disk mode to transfer files.)
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