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Hi there,

I bought my iPod in the UK, and it included the respective power adaptor.

However, I have noticed that it the US adaptor is pretty much the same power adaptor, except it includes the respective standard US two-fork extension that slips on.

Is it possible to buy only this "corner bit" that slips on? It seems that I am only able to buy the entire adaptor. If this extension is for sale, then would that also work with my iBook adaptor?

I actually have a feeling that the adaptors themselves differ internally in the US and the UK, but that is only a hunch.




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    Yes, the travel kit should have it. Or check eBay.
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    My brother recently came over from the US with his iBook, he simply used the plug on my iPod charger and changed it with the US plug fork part on his, everything worked fine.

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    jwink3101jwink3101 Posts: 739member
    There is a difference between the countries but Apple's power adapters can work with both.
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