Codec Packs for Mac?

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Switcher here - I am needing a Codec Pack for Mac so I can play XviDs etc...

If I were still on Windows for example I can download the K-Lite Codec Pack, now that I switched, I have no idea...

P.S. What's the least intrusive way to play WMV files on my Mac?


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    For avis (Divx and XVid), there are divx, 3ivx, and xvid plugins for the Quicktime Player. Or you can just download the Divx Player Beta 2 or VLC Player.

    As for Windows Media, there's the Flip4Mac plugin for the Quicktime Player. VLC Player will also play older Windows Media files.

    You can search for these at or
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    cdong4cdong4 Posts: 194member
    VLC is an excellent media player.
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    biederbieder Posts: 15member
    Get the following codecs and throw them in /Library/Quicktime. This will allow you to use quicktime for viewing most video files.

    DivX: (intel and powerpc)

    Xvid or 3ivx: (get the XviD_Component_Bin_v0.5.1) (intel) or (powerpc)

    Windows Media: (powerpc only, but intel version apparently comming soon)

    VLC Player ( will play a lot of the files quicktime has problems with and supports fullscreen playing, which quicktime don't. But it is nice to have quicktime working since you may wanna use it for previews in the finder and frontrow.
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    quentinquentin Posts: 13member
    Flip4mac needs to get updated for Intels quickly. I'm dying to see my soccer videos.

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