3rd Gen iPod charging problem

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Hi, a friend gave me her ipod to fix, and on looking at it thought it needed a battery replacment, which i have changed and it now has about 5 mins of battery life left. anyway it can connect via USB for data transfer but will not charge through firewire (tried a few cables/chargers) as i know it wont through USB.

anyway.........anyone know whats wrong with it?




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    Originally posted by tonton

    You sure you got the right model battery for it? You can't use a 4Gen battery with the 3Gen iPod, for instance.

    I bought an aftermarket battery to fix a friend's 3Gen and it got 8 hours+ after the fix.

    Nope was all correct hence why it worked, guessing its dead from the smoke srtains on the inside (charging capicitor? maybe?) oh well... bring on the next iPod
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