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take a friends ipod and get all his music on it, onto my iMac? I would really like to do this so if there was any possible way please help me out.


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    Thanks, these are all legal...right? lol
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    icfireballicfireball Posts: 2,594member
    It's not legal to copy copywritted music for which you do not own. But the programs are 100% legal.

    If you were to use the programs however to copy coptwritted music, no one would ever know. Personally, I just use them if I lose music on my comp and need them from my iPod.
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    ok, well i don't listen to music often but wheneveer my friends are over they always want to listen to their songs. Ik im not gonna spend lots of money buying them, and they don't want to bring over their ipods. Thanks for that link too, its bookmarked now :-D
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