Universal Office Rumours?

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Anyone heard anything about the next version of MS Office for Mac?

- release date?

- feature set?

- anything else?

Roz Ho and her team really look like idiots at this point. They investigate what is required to create VirtualPC for the Intel Mac while a little company like Parallels has turned out what is simply an awesome beta, soon to be a stable release. Things at Microsoft seem to be quite a mess with repeated delays on Vista, all the while with limited features. Microsoft Live looks about as interesting as mud. Their music service is with the relatively irrelevant 80s and 90s brand, MTV. If they don't manage to get a universal office out soon, they may just start losing us to iWork or even Open Office.


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    kenaustuskenaustus Posts: 911member
    MS did get caught with their pants down when Parallels was released. I'm sure they hoped that they could keep VPC limited to XP & 2000 (plus Vista in the future) and Parallels have blown that hope out of the water. Back to the drawing board for that one.

    On the Office side, I think MS is working hard on the project, but that there will be a lot of rewriting needed before it's ready. I doubt if the core programs are the most current around so I expect it might be early 2007 before we see it - just like with Adobe and some rather old code there.

    The benefit of needing to start with a clean sheet of paper is that you can start with some modern concepts - meaning that we might get lucky (with both MS & Adobe) and see some rather good things when they finally deliver. Let's hope so!
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    netdognetdog Posts: 244member
    Let's hope so indeed!
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    archstudentarchstudent Posts: 262member
    I have to defend the microsoft office:mac team here.. They have produced an awesome product with office 2004, and you cannot really compare it with openoffice or iWork. I don't imagine that office runs particularly slowly under rosetta considering that for it's general usage isn't a particularly cpu hungry package of apps. Note that openoffice universal binary is not yet finished either still in alpha, and as microsoft office is more complex you can expect it to take longer.
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    the cool gutthe cool gut Posts: 1,714member

    Originally posted by netdog

    If they don't manage to get a universal office out soon, they may just start losing us to iWork or even Open Office.

    Well, I don't know what went down, but Apple is clearly not interested in competing with Office at this point in time. iWork seems to be a completely half ass attempt. Even an App like Aperture, which was apparantly fucked up internally is a far better effort.
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    eckingecking Posts: 1,588member
    Who cares Roz is Ho anyways when she feels like delievering she will, trust me because I speak from experience, I always get a cut of her profits...
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