Range of silly Tiger Qs and a Windows app Q

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Ok. A couple of niggles with Tiger ...

Inspite having downloaded Real Player 10 several times, the BBC website still says that Safari is missing the plug-in when I try to play video. What's going?

How can I delete SMTP servers from the Mail app? When I delete a mail account it goes, all except the option to send from the smtp server, which remains and flashes up if an email refuses to send.

Finally, I've got BootCamp and Windows XP. I've got Grand Prix World which I've been waiting to play for ages. I've downloaded the patch for it to run on XP, which fixed it when I tried it on a PC several years ago. But for some reason now it just quits and I get an error message. Any ideas?


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    mr. hmr. h Posts: 4,737member
    For future reference, I think this would go better in the "Genius Bar" forum.

    The Real Player problem:

    Are you sure you've got the Universal version of Real Player? Have you tried it in any other browsers?

    I know it doesn't help you now, but when the Universal version of Flip4Mac (QuickTime Windows Media components) is released, you can install that and then use the Windows Media option at the BBC

    The Mail problem:

    I don't have 10.4, but in 10.3, if I go to Mail preferences, then click on accounts, there is a "outgoing mail server (SMTP)" drop down menu near the bottom right of the preferences window. Clicking on the drop down reveals an option at the bottom "edit server list?". Clicking on that enables the removal of servers.

    Edit: post edited for clarity.
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    jabohnjabohn Posts: 533member
    Mr. H is right about the "Edit Server List" option in Mail.

    Re: RealPlayer - have you only downloaded the program, because you need to run it once for the plugin to automatically install.
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