Which dual did YOU buy?



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    I ordered My DP867 with a Radeon 9000upgrade & superdrive on the 19th. I received the CPU on the 28th, and it was the last of the components to arrive (the displays, speakers, and adapters came right away) But as I have posted elswhere, Apple screwed up, overcharged me $1500, temporarily lost one of my 17's ASDs, and generally jacked things to high heaven. Maybe I got mine because I called EVERY DAY and got in someone's ass.

    Try the ass approach, it apparently worked for me.

    EDIT: added pic

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    I've got my dual 1 Gig today... WOW !!!

    And remember that I'm coming from a Dual 800.

    More later about testing this baby.

    All I can say for now is that the QuickSilver and the Mirrored have about the same level of noise. The QuickSilver is more like a tenor and the MDD is like a soprano. Acceptable. Also opening a 120 Mb file in Photoshop 7 (from the SuperDrive) when listening Vanessa Carlton in iTunes, surfing the Web (here), and doing some coding in dreamweaver with a little u/l on a FTP server. And all is SMOOTH ! All I can say for now is :cool:

    Edit: the third fans didn't kick yet.... I'm trying to do my best but no way. For the moment I have only 512 Megs of RAM, upgrading to 2 Gig later and the graphics card is the GF4Ti

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    I still think it's not worth to jump from the Dual SlowSilver(tm) to those new "One-Eyed Mike" (tm)
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    Yeah, I totally agree with that. I was debating switching my dual GHz Quicksilver for a new tower but I don't see it being worth it especially since I'm going to hack my case for a full size drive in the lower bay. Plus I found some RAM for dirt cheap that I'm gonna stick in. I'm actually very glad that I bought in Febuary.

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    I love my new dual 1ghz, but there's no way I would've purchased one if I already had a quicksilver dual 1ghz.
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    I've ordered a

    dual 1Ghz with 512MB DDR RAM,

    17" Apple LCD,

    Sound-sticks and iSub,

    GeForce 4 Ti,

    Combo Drive,

    5GB iPod with remote.

    All for £3400 inc VAT
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    [quote]Originally posted by Jeff Leigh:

    <strong>Ordered a dual 1 Gig with 512 of Ram and the GeForce4 Ti on the 13th. Should have it by tomorrow.

    So at least some machines are making it out of Apple.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Well, that's encouraging to hear. I ordered the same thing, but I also upgraded the HD to 120GB because of the DV stuff I do. I also ordered on the 13th, but I'm still waiting.

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    Day 22 and still "being assembled".......

    -Dual 867
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    Poor Dual. You got the handle, but no computer to match! I've been using mine for a week now, and it truly whoops ass. I love the way the BIG fan turns on every now and then and makes me think the cleaning lady snuck up on me with the Hoover.

    My wife called me at work (apparently my mac woke up by itself) to tell me that it sounded like it was going to blow up. I told her, "that's normal, it's the reactor spinning up"

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    just checking too see when "junior member" goes away. at 50?
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    No more thread hijacking is neccesary. Please return to Dual's topic.
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    I guess there is a really great demand for these machines.
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    bodhibodhi Posts: 1,424member
    Dual 867


    GeForce Ti

    Ordered 8-23, shipped yesterday 9-3

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    I just wanted to check back in and say that several days' heavy use of my new dual 1ghz has made me even happier with it. This is the kind of fluidity and stability I had always hoped OSX would end up with, and it's here now. The machine is a joy to work with, interface and all.

    Observations on top of the ones I mentioned initially:

    1. Classic starts up FAST! Maybe 10 seconds or so...

    2. FTP-in-Finder seems not to work at all

    3. Apple's Pro Mouse and Pro Keyboard are both pretty-looking, well-constructed, but ultimately less useful than the alternatives

    4. The new Netscape is preferable to the latest Mozilla in OSX
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    Still no word from my IT department on my dual 867 with SuperDrive and Radeon 9000. Since I ordered it through them I can't even track it.

    It's probably sitting over there waiting to be inventoried before they deliver it. I have a box of RAM from Crucial sitting on my desk, mocking me.
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    now I must send back the Dual Gig to Apple

    but that's because they made a mistake, in fact a change my order to a 1.25 and they send me the 1 Gig instead... now I'm pretty sad because it's a beautiful mac, but only 4 weeks to wait to have finally the real deal :cool:
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    <a href="http://www.team5150.com/~liquidh2o/desktop.jpg"; target="_blank">my precious</a>

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    Yo liquidh2o!

    Get that tower down on the floor where it belongs and you'll be much happier without all that noise in your face and wasted desktop space. PLEASE!
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    [quote]Originally posted by SteveS:


    Well, that's encouraging to hear. I ordered the same thing, but I also upgraded the HD to 120GB because of the DV stuff I do. I also ordered on the 13th, but I'm still waiting.


    Since I've been complaining about waiting so long, I thought the only fair thing to do was acknowledge that my machine has finally shipped! I don't have it yet (dual 1 gig, 512mb, Geforce 4Ti), but I know it's on it's way - finally!

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    xaqtlyxaqtly Posts: 450member
    I too received my new Dual 1 Ghz/167 with GeForce 4 Ti. In fact I received it right after AppleInsider went down - I've actually had it for almost 2 weeks now. I ordered it with factory ram (256) and I ordered a 512 MB chip from memory-X for only $139... I've said it before and I'll say it again, do NOT order memory from Apple. it's waaaaay too expensive.

    This Mac absolutely screams. It's just fantastic. Warcraft 3 is like buttah now. nice and smooth, with all effects and options turned up to maximum. iTunes will rip CDs to MP3 at 192 kbps as fast as 23x... I tend to think it's limited by the SuperDrive's read speed, too. I plan on getting a super fast burner for my second optical bay at some point, it'll be interesting to see how much it changes the rip speed in iTunes.

    I was able to carry all my saved mail and my address book from Claris Emailer on my G3 over to Mail in Jaguar on the new tower, and it's all happy.

    I also ran some benchmarks and got some interesting results. I used two free benching programs, CocoaBench and SpeedRun. In both cases, my tower got higher marks than any other Mac previously tested, including the Quicksilver dual 1 GHz. Check out the screens: this is my results in CocoaBench, and then comparitive results from their web site.

    Here's my results from SpeedRun. My Mac is highlited in blue near the bottom.

    I just found it interesting that in both programs my Mac tested higher than the previous dual 1 GHz, when there seems to be so much flak about the new one not being any faster. But when I see two different programs showing me that the new one is actually faster, I think that lends it a little more credence.

    In any case it's certainly fast enough for me, at least for now. I don't need to use Classic for anything, even though it loads very quickly.

    oh yeah, and AltiVec Fractal tells me I'm pushing 7050 megaflops, in 1.9 seconds. I got nothing to complain about.
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