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I have a mem card for a digital camera go south. I recovered 110 files (all of them) to another volume. PROBLEM. None of them open. They give me the 'this may be corrupt' line in Preview. (lies I hope!) Okay, so they still have the right file size etc. and using File Juicer, I was able to get 22 of them back. Can anyone reccomend another app (paid or free) which might help me recover/repair these precious JPGs? The clock starts now!

Thx, in advance.



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    jccbinjccbin Posts: 476member
    You might try picture rescue from

    There is a free download that will recover one image so you can test it for free.

    Hope this helps
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,472moderator
    What may have happened to the others is that they have had their headers corrupted. If you get Hexedit ( ), you can try opening a good image in it and copy the header across to a bad image. This will probably only work reliably if the images are the same resolution.

    Also, just because a file seems to have the right size, it can be full of zeroes. Hexedit will let you see where all the broken parts are.
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