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I recently found out that along with the educational discount Apple also has a federal, state and local govt discount for employees. These can be made for personal purchases or business purchases.

I was happy about this discovery because a) I just finished college a year ago and therefore do not qualify for the ed discount and b) there is a friends and family clause in this program and my mother happens to be a local government employee. question is how the heck do they regulate these discounts. I went to the main govt store page ( clicked on state and local govt employees and accepted the terms and then I was in a normal looking online store with the only difference being the designation (govt store).

Basically, what I want to know is what kind of screening they have. I want to be legit with my purchase but I had my account up and running and went through the steps of purchasing my ideal machine, discount and all and yet there was no verification yet. Is it on the honor system? What I really need to know is can I just let my mom know about the program, have her agree to sponsor my purchase, and then go about it as if there is nothing weird about it. Or does she need to create an account and make the purchase under her name. And if that is the case, do you think she can use my credit card?

Sorry for such a long question but this will be my first mac purchase and I e-mailed apple a week ago and have not heard back yet. If anyone can be of any help I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


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    From my experience it is based on the honor system. I used the EDU discount for my MacBook purchase, but technically I am not in college. I am still in high school, but I do plan on attending college. Through the entire process not once was I asked to prove I was a teacher or a college student.
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    Originally posted by maimezvous

    Through the entire process not once was I asked to prove I was a teacher or a college student.

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