recover pictures from a delted memory stick?

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to make a long thing short, I deleted my memory stick after transferring the pictures to my ipod.. a friend mistakenly erased that folder and i remain without 2 days of some fantastic pictures of Bangkok....

So.. I erased the memory stick AND took a dozen pictures before we realized what happened.

I then didnt touch the memory stick anymore and hoped a professional data recovery service could help. However, I went to one and they said that because I started taking pictures over the erased stick, it was impossible to recover any previous data

Im a bit skeptical of this claim, so, am asking you all for a second opinion..

Is there any apps for Mac (or PC) that could possibly try and help out with this?

I have Data Rescue II, but I dunno if that will do the trick.

I want to not touch the memory stick until I find a possible good solution...



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    dutch peardutch pear Posts: 588member
    I've had good results using easyrecovery from ontrack (windows only): ontrack website That was with erased hard disk files and floppy disks though, although it's supposed to work with memory cards as well.

    Good luck in any case, hope you get your pics back! I've once erased a hard disk partition en re-installed windows on it after which I found out I'd lost a year worth of digital pics, so I know the feeling...
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member

    I used Data Rescue and it found almost 90% of the pics still recoverable!!!!

    oddly enough, NONE of the movies I made are recoverable

    interestingly enough.. it also found pics that weren't written over that I took almost 2 years ago!!!

    wow folks.. low level format if you ever ever gotta sell recordable media.. crazy stuff.

    I'll give a run with Ontrack as well, who knows, maybe it'll be able to extract som other stuff
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