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I have a strange problme and would really appreciate some help.

I have a dual 1.25 G4 MDD which originally had a 80GB HD in it with Tiger and OS 9.2.2 installed.

My son has a dual 450 with a 10GB installed in it (Tiger and 9.2.2).

I recently upgraded to a 250GB so I took out the 80GB and gave it to my son.

he set up his G4 with the 80GB set as Master and the 10GB set as Slave. he can boot from the Tiger DVD and begin to install OSX on the 80GB but it always fails. It either gets to the end (just before the restart) and KPs or it gets to the end and tells him that the installation failed and that he should try again.

If I boot from his Tiger DVD and choose Disk Utility I can see the 80GB and then choose to erase it but it tells e that I cannot do this as the drive cannot be unmounted! It does the same thing if I try to verify the disk. yet if I boot into OS9 I can see and format the drive happily.

can anyone advise me as to what the problem might be and what my son can do to get Tiger installed onto his 80GB?

thanx in advance


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    set the HDD's to let the cable decide. then put the 80gb drive on the end of the cable and the 10gb drive in the middle of the cable
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    Cable Select, CS, mode.
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    slugheadslughead Posts: 1,169member
    To do what the others have suggested, you need to locate the 'jumpers' on the back of the hard drive. There are usually only one, two at the most.

    The 'jumper' is a rectangular plastic piece with a metal pin inside which connects two pins on the back of the hard drive.

    The settings pins are located between the IDE (data) cable and the power cable.

    To remove, you must either have reasonably long finger nails or a pair of needle-nose pliers. Don't worry, it's mean to slide on and off.

    To find where to place the jumper after you have disconnected it, there is usually a diagram--a picture of the jumper pins--on the hard drive somewhere. If not, look for "CS, MA, SL".. those stand for Cable select, master, and slave, respectively. They might be on the bottom of the hard drive near the pins, meaning you are to place the jumper vertically in line with the initials.

    If you can't find any 'instructions' on the drive, look it up online. Hard drives commonly have wildly different jumper settings to obtain the same mode.
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    Hi Guys,

    thanx 4 your replies. before I had a chance to view the replies from you all I booted into OS9 and it thankfully saw the 80GB drive. Just to recap, the 80GB is set as Master and is on the end of the IDE cable and the smaller drive is set to slave. It wouldn't let me install anything onto the 80GB. so I used drive setup to format (with zeroes) the 80GB. after several hours it claimed the drive was fully formatted. Since then I have successfully installed tiger and all the apps onto my son's G4 with no problems!

    can anyone guess as to why OSX would have trouble with this drive and claim that it could not be unmounted (for future reference)


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