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    Originally posted by webmail

    What drives me crazy is when I hit the green button on my 30" display or my 60" tv. It makes the window slightly bigger, IF I WANTED that to happen I'd just freaking DRAG it bigger. Green + should be maximize, I want it to go fullscreen.

    Is there no way to make Apple programs go fullscreen? This is the biggest complaint i hear everyday from windows users who've switched to mac, they get really frustrated because they can't make the window fill the screen.

    Quick question - on your huge display, will it make the *CONTENT* any easier to see? No? Then what's the use?

    All you're going to get is the same tiny text, just more of it, at best, or lots of blank space, at worst. Ditto for images. You'll just get more blank area.

    Make the content bigger, then hit Zoom.

    And seriously - it's easier to move the window top left, then drag bottom right (and emulate fullscreen) than it is to manually figure out the optimal size to show everything, without wasting space (zoom). Let the program do the hard part. That's what computers are for.

    I'm all for a modifier key, but this is really ridiculous.
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    I can see the logic behind the Zoom function, assuming applications are coded to use it properly. However, my frustration is just that-- it is so inconsistent. Most annoying is when using Zoom will pop a window away from the left hand margin of the screen, or inexplicably _shorten_ the window while making it wider.

    My disclaimer is that I use a 12" ibook, so naturally I don't have the firsthand experience with what maximizing on a 30" screen would feel like.

    However, the one element this discussion hasn't quite touched on is the (frankly subjective) aesthetic or "psychological" effect of the true maximize function. Frequently, if I am reading a PDF (and oh, how I hate Preview's drawer) I like the screen to act as much like a page of a book as possible; that is, without my desktop, icons, or other application windows (I'm aware of hide others) distracting me. Thus, I want the effect of the slideshow mode, but I also want to be able to zoom (again, my tiny screen) and manipulate the page as I would out of the slideshow. Also, to maximize screen real estate, I want as few button bars and menu bars as possible, or at least the option to hide them while preserving some functions.

    This is really why I love iPhoto's new fullscreen mode, with the hiding, translucent button bars, and really hope that Leopard brings this function as far across the board as possible. I would love it for Preview, and would be interested in seeing it as an option in Safari. Obviously the normal display would be retained, but fullscreen as an option would be ideal, I think, for some material.

    My attraction to fullscreen (which I think is far better than Windows Maximize in that it goes the whole hog, but retains Zoom when you want to operate in the traditional OS X display mode) springs from the feeling that in situations where my full attention is required, I want my computer to transform itself as utterly as possible into the object of interest. When using iPhoto's fullscreen, I am essentially confronted with the photograph, first and foremost, and then secondarily, just what I need to manipulate it. This is what I want in Preview. With a multifunction mouse it should be possible, in Fullscreen mode, to zoom, scroll, and drag without recourse to buttons or visible scrollbars. Ideally, the next Preview will one-up Acrobat and provide some truly intuitive high-lighting and annotation features, also accessible in this mode. This is what I think is really holding electronic books and documents back; their current embeddedness in all the UI paraphernalia of the traditional computer screen.

    Those of you familiar with gesture-click haxies can imagine what Safari might be like in fullscreen mode with those enabled and a drop-down, iPhoto-style address-bar (ok, with buttons, fine).

    Just my thoughts. Keep the current functions available and consistent for windowed mode, and add fullscreen mode across the board. Maximize would be utterly irrelevant.

    And I _hate_ the drawer. Not least because it is far huger and rounder-cornered and sloppy looking than it needs to be.
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    Originally posted by Kickaha

    Make the content bigger, then hit Zoom.

    This is IMO the main reason people want the full-screen zoom for.

    An example: Opening a document in Preview and zooming it so to fill as much of the screen as possible. One could zoom the content blindly and zoom the window to fit the content. What happens in most cases is that the content does either not fit the screen or is still too small.

    The easiest way to handle this is the way one would do it in Windows: Maximize the window, hit the "fit content to available screen size".
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