Stay away from Quicken 2007

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I posted this in another thread, but for your own good stay away from Quicken 2007. I have never seen a worse version of this application, and I have been using it since 1995. Not only does it constantly hang, but it corrupts the data file in the process. This has happened multiple times in the few weeks since I installed it. It also did not pull in all my info, leaving out all quickfill transactions. Now my menu bar has disappearred under the top Mac menu bar. This program is an absolute mess, and the sad thing is it needs to be rock solid. Its a freakin' financial app for god's sake. If ever you needed a bullet proof app, this is it. I wish I could go back, but now every previous file will not open with 2005, even ones that have never been opened with the new version. So until something is done, protect yourself and do not buy this version.


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    macvaultmacvault Posts: 323member
    Do NOT use Quicken for Mac AT ALL! Inutit's Mac support is TERRIBLE! They don't care about the Mac AT ALL! I've been using an old iBook but am about to buy a Mac Mini just so I can run MS Money or Quicken for Windows XP.

    I repeat... Intuit's Mac support is absolutely SHAMEFUL! And what makes it worse is they have a total monopoly on the PFM market - at least when it comes to Macs.
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