23" ACD - Would I be disappointed



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    imacfanimacfan Posts: 444member
    Sorry to resurrect this thread, but if I wanted to get the display first, would a 23/24" display work with my 12" powerbook (1.33Ghz)?

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    Yep. No 30" screens though.
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    imacfanimacfan Posts: 444member
    Sorry, should of been a bit more specific - will it work comfortable, i.e. not put the fans on full blast and melt the Aluminium?

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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,951member
    Originally Posted by gwoodpecker

    (What I also don't understand is why on earth anyone would use a display with 450 cd/m2? A good old CRT display had about 80 cd/m2, whereas a normal TFT claims to produce 250 cd/m2. I set my displays to 80-100 cd/m2 and that's OK. Once I bought an Acer 17" TFT where you couldn't reduce the brightness to less than 150 cd/m2 without all the colors getting funky... Way too bright for me! Response time is also one of those touchy subjects. Every manufacturer makes those numbers up. That's all what I want to say right now...)

    I agree. I don't need screens to be so bright, that number is a low priority for me. With LCDs, I generally turn them down a lot, 10% up from minimum setting. Heck, I turn down my CRTs, some of them half way down from max.
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    trowatrowa Posts: 176member
    How is the ACD 23" for gaming? based on Apple's website the ACD's have a pixel response time of 14ms. I think the Dell is lower.

    Anyone play FPS (UT2004, Quake4, etc) games online with the 23" ACD with heavystuff going on?

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    Another option has appeared on the horizon: EIZO. They have a 24" screen, the s2410w which is pretty expensive (despite being their cheapest option), but I've only seen positive feedback. I'm getting really wary about plunking money for either a Dell or Apple 23"/24" because of so many complaints about uneven backlightling, poor reliability, wacky colour balances etc...

    Does anyone have any experience with that model? e.g. From everything to text editing and gaming (so including any lag or ghosting). It would be a huge investment, but comes with a 5yr warranty, and if it's going to last me at least that long with no problems, then it might be a no brainer.

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