nike+iPod WOES

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Hey eveybody I have a question about Apple's little "nike+ipod" running thinger or whatever it's called.....

I was thinking about getting one, but I have a mini, not a nano, and so will it still work? Or what about my cousin, who has a shuffle?



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    Have checked

    Only the nano will work.
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    Which is REALLY stupid.

    I paid $400 for an ipod video, and I can't plug this cheap little thing into it, but I can use it on a $150 is that?
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    Apple's research show that more nanos are used for working out than the iPod videos, but I would think that the real reason is because the nano is flash-based.
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    Also, go run with your hard drive based iPod and see how long it lasts. You're tempting fate. Flash is the way to go.

    Could you imagine the uproar if Apple pushed this kit on ALL iPods. The sudden spike in iPod failures would make Apple appear liable.
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    I would think that the Shuffle would be better suited for workouts. It's small, light and has no LCD screen.
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    Originally Posted by Bradg

    Which is REALLY stupid. is that?

    Actually, what is really stupid is running with an expensive device which is based on a hard drive.
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