Work In Progress: Six Years of Photos

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meet Noah. six years ago, he decided to take a photo of himself every day. that's it. that's all. just a quick snapshot every day. same perspective. same angle. but whatever environment he remembered to take the photo in. then set it to a simple piano soundtrack.

Noah's work in progress

i can't think of a single thing i have done without fail over the past six years EVERY DAY except eat and sleep.

i could see something like this used for the intro or ending credits of an indie movie. and all through the movie, somewhere during the day, the lead character takes a photo of himself. then as you cascade through them all, you'll catch a nanosecond flash by f a n environment you remember from a scene and the entire scene floods back in that one nanosecond and then is lost the next time another comes up you recognize.

plus, i just can't stop staring him in the eyes. there must be something int he human psyche that makes a person NEED to fixate on something stable amidst chaos.


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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    This is practically a fad now, and plus his project has been argued to be fake by many people.

    And it's wicked jittery, wtf.
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    I think the jitteryness is why you have to watch the eyes. His eyes are the only thing that don't move and it would probably make you sick to watch anything but the eyes for the whole time.
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    pretty fucking cool.
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