Which is your favorite iPod game?

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I took the plunge and made my first purchase on the iTunes store (yeah.. really) and got myself Zuma.

It is a TON of fun and addictive as hell. I almost missed my subway stop to get out. Luckily you can quickly "Exit & Save" and continue later...

I'm on level 4-3 and still haven't died.

The sounds and graphics are TOP notch.

I'm going to be buying a few more.

Whats your favorite?


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    My favourite is Zuma also! On level 5-1 now and have lost no lives!

    Also bought pacman which is always good to have.
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    I bought mini golf and am loving it but am trying to figure out what to buy next. This is my kind of gaming.
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    i got tetris, and i hate it! it's most definately the ugliest version i have seen to date. they should have had the developers of Quinn port their version for the ipod instead.

    as a matter of fact i am surprised at the general uglyness of the ipod games.
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    Bejeweled, enough said
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