How will apple fight back?



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    Originally Posted by MacsRbetterthanPC

    The ones they just brought out only added brightness to the screen and longer battery, which it needed to play movies, everyone got the extra features - search. Do you actually think they could have opened the iTunes movie store with the current 5Gen 30Gb? They die in 2 hours, movies are longer than that. They needed something to be able to play the movies. The drop of price also helps the cause of clearing inventory of these 5Gen. These arent major updates. Plus i've been saying it all along. Apple wont go through the holiday season without a new iPod. It won't happen! Besides updating the notebooks, whats left??? Thats right the iPod is the only mac product without a significant update.

    I think you're going to be very dissapointed.

    They had a big freaking iPod press event. They aren't going to have another one. The iPod line is set for the holiday season. Just get used to it.
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    i don't know why Microsoft is taking so much heat because of the brown Zune. Not only here, but by online journalists (I've been reading a fair share of Zune news lately, thank

    it looks similar in tone to the old golden ipod mini, which was my favorite and i never got a chance to buy. i was dissapointed when they took that color out. i wish there was a brown ipod these days, and no, i don't want to paint mine.
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