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    Originally Posted by sunilraman

    The main point is that Video did not kill the Radio Star

    Are you saying that the Buggles liked to me???

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    Originally Posted by gregmightdothat

    Are you saying that the Buggles liked to me???

    Let's just say reports of the death of the Radio Star have been greatly exaggerated. 8)
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    hujibhujib Posts: 117member
    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich

    iTV cannot compete with free programming.

    You mean "iTMS" can't compete. The iTV only gets your existing digital content onto a screen, be it audio, still images or video. Why do people think of this hardware as a catch all video device.
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    keshkesh Posts: 621member
    Didn't vote as there really aren't any appropriate poll options. However, I will say this:

    If the iTV can replace an Airport/Airport Express as my central WiFi box, I will buy one as soon as they ship. I love my Airport Express, but its signal strength is a bit low. I have a hard time imagining the iTV can't also act as an 802.11g access point in addition to recieving streams from other machines.

    Having the audio and video out options, plus the ability to slide-show my photos wirelessly to the TV, would just make it an excellent solution for me. Some of those movies I'd rather buy for $9.99 off iTunes than buying a full DVD right now, but watching them on my laptop screen is less appealing.
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