Nintendo DS lite questions...

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OK, it's not really a question so much as a request for information.

One of my children has finally gotten to the point that she's asked for one of these things. I know nothing about portable (or console) game systems... my last gaming "device" was a Commodore 64

So is the DS lite a decent system ? What are your opinions on this ? Would you recommend a different brand instead ? ... She has a friend who has a DSlite, so i think she'll want that model so they can play together over the WiFi connection.

Educate me, kids.


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    My daughter has a DS - I recommend it over the psp.

    The gameplay is great. The pen control is cool.

    Brain Age is a great game. This Japanese Nuerosurgeon created it - it "exercises' your brain daily by asking logic puzzles and such.

    My advice...get her the ds and get Dad the game Brain Age to, umm, test it with.
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    The DS kills the PSP on games. The PSP kills the DS on graphics.

    I've owned both and sold the PSP on eBay because there aren't any good games for it. I have about 10 games for my DS which are much more fun!

    Brain Age is great for adults and children. Check out Cooking Mama too. Man there are so many to pick from...

    Animal Crossing

    Mario Kart

    New Super Mario

    Big Brain Academy

    Brain Age

    Matroid Hunters



    Sonic Rush

    Cooking Mama

    Mario DS


    Star Fox

    Plus there are a ton of good ones that are coming...
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    you can't go wrong with a DS. there are some excellent games out there for kids, and i've noticed that women (kids and adults) in particular love playing Nintendogs.
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