Where will I keep the MagSafe when traveling with MBP?

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I am looking forward to my C2D-MBP arriving on the 14th of this month and I have already purchased an STM bag which comes highly recommended!!!

I am aware that in any form of transportation of the laptop that I should keep my mobile phone and such items AWAY from the MagSafe power adaptor that comes with the MBP. What I would like to clear up {and perhaps this is just a dumb question, but its not so obvious to me} is whether or not I should keep this magnetic part of the adaptor AWAY from the actual laptop (obviously apart from where it is supposed to go) ?

I'm thinking, when I first take it to university and I wack the beast into its special compartment for travel does it matter that the adaptor will be lying close to it within the bag? Will the magnetic part interfere with the internals and/or screen and such like? What do you guys have to say back to me?...should I keep the adaptor seperate completely from the laptop?



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    from what i've heard in recent months/years, magnets do a lot less to cpmputers than they used to. they used to do irreparable and very serious damage to hard drives and screens and such, but i've heard with technology improvements that its a lot less of a problem now. plus, the magsafe magnet is pretty weak, so i wouldn't worry too much. naturally, don't go rubbing the magnet all over your screen and such, but if you have it in the same bag, it probably won't be a huge problem. i would maybe ask the people at the apple store about it, they should be able to help you
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    Don't worry about it.

    Your cell phone won't have any magnetic media in it: just flash memory.

    Your hard disk already has a ridiculously strong magnet. Worrying about your power adapter hurting it is like an elephant whose afraid of a mouse (incidentally, elephants aren't really afraid of mice.)
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    Eh? how would the MagSafe adapter damage it anyway, THE MAGNET FOR THE CONNECTION IS IN THE ACTUAL COMPUTER!!!

    All magnets on apple products are in the computers, take for instance the iMac and its apple remote, it of course can be stored away on the iMac case but look at the remote nothing magnetic about it the magnet is in the computer.

    Anyway if Apple knew the magnets were harmful to any thing they wouldnt have them into their products.

    So don't worry and use the computer as you would any other computer. Be carefree, its what apple is about... carefree computing
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    You don't need to worry about it. When I travel I keep the magsafe adapter in the same small compartment as my cell phone and blackberry -- never had any problems.
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    Thanks 'guys'. I know the question seemed somewhat obvious to some but I am glad that's cleared up and I can just pack it all in the same bag.

    The bag I got was an STM Convertible and its the most amazing bag out for 17" laptops in my opinion. I searched high and low for a good piece of kit and this is the best!
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    I just got my MBP so i read the manual pretty close, it says that you shouldn't put credit cards, etc, within an inch of the MagSafe. Which may just be a cautious estimate anyway...
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