Macbook upgrade to core 2 duo worth it?

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So 7 days ago I bought my macbook. Yeah I got burned. If only I would have waited. But I can still exchange it. But to do so will cost me $105 in restocking fee. Is it worth it? I'm talking about the base model at 1.83GHz, so the only thing that is different is the chip. Same clock speed just 64bit, which I can't take advantage of until Leopard comes out anyway.

$105 is alot of money. That could buy me a 1gig stick of ram for my current macbook or a bigger hard drive.

Think there is any chance in hell they would just exchange it without the restocking fee if I complained enough? Aren't they supposed to have good customer service?


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    You can complain all you like, argue this way and that you might be sucessful who knows. You could say it's burning your pants off and you want it taken back. You could try the recent switcher approach and say that you fell ripped off by Apple.

    Probably it's not worth the restock fee... Ram is way more important.

    Don't believe the 25% or 40% speed bump of Apple claims. Probably it's 10% LOL!

    Thing is. A Mac is a Mac. 80%+ of the user base is still on PPC and happy (maybe!)

    Good luck!
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    I would spend the money and go to the core 2 MB. I waited fro the core 2 MBPs and it was a wise move, I believe. Why? It sure seems more than 10% faster than a similarly clocked core 2 MBP. Granted this is only an impression and could be due to other factors such as improvements in the clocking of the GPU card. But also it seems like the bugs are now out of the MBP. Heat problems? None. Whining? None. This baby feels very polished with all the kinks ironed out. I suspect that this will be the case with the new MBs as well.
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