Need advice buying extra hardware for my Macbook.

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I've searched and searched... but Apple seems to have a strangle hold on everything related to Apple.

I want to get an extra power adapter for the office: £59!

Keyboard, mouse and a few other things: same story.

Is there ANYWHERE I can get a better deal than buying straight from Apple?

I've looked at eBay.

There only relatively very listings.

Besides... I'd rather pay a few more £'s and get the item from Apple, compared to selling prices on eBay.

If you can't beat them... join them!

Serious question: anyone know how to become an Apple reseller...?




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    If you go to an Apple reseller you should be able to buy a power adapter as a replacement part, rather then as a boxed part.

    Saves 30 odd Canadian dollars but I know my reseller pretty well so I'm unsure if you can just ask for the part.
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