Force Firmware Update - MAC G5 dual PPC

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I've got a G5 dual processor system that up and died while rendering overnight. In the morning it was in roaring vacum cleaner mode.

No attempt to reboot would work- safe boot, single user, System DVD, Drive from an identical G5, etc.

Booted Open Firmware OK and basic tests were OK. Booted from the Apple Hardware test disk and passed all tests...

From time to time when restarting it does the firmware load sound instead of the normal boot sound. My questions are:

1. Could the firmware be corrupt? (the boot process does begin, but hangs after starting)

2. Is there anyway to force a firmware update? (Even if I could start it, I can't run the updater, because the firmware is already up to date)

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    Did you try resetting the PMU? Mine does exactly that if there is a power drop during the night. Unplug, open case, remove baffle and fans, press small button near lower left front of mobo. Also try removing mobo battery for 30 minutes.
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