R.I.P. Jack Palance

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I suppose many of you are too young to realize who this actor was but he always made you believe he was a force to be reckoned with. Whether he was in the background of an " A " movie like " City Slickers " or in the foreground of a " B " movie like " Dracula ". Or even a bad guy in the " Buck Rogers " show or a movie like " Shane ". When he was on the screen you payed attention!


Here's a little thing from AICN about his passing.







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    Yea he rocked. I thought he was already dead though.
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    Wow. Where's all the love for Jack Palance?

    From "Panic in the Streets" to "City Slickers" he will be remembered...

    One film you might want to check out. "Vamos a Matar Companeros!"

    A Spaghetti Western film by Sergio Corbucci. Jack plays a strange, wooden-handed, marijuana smoking Secret Service agent with a pet falcon on his shoulder. Not sure if Jack was really puffing the stuff, but his performance is classic Palance.

    True a-class actor of a huge list of b-movies.

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    Contempt (1963) Jean-Luc Godard

    Highly recommended, with Palance, Bardot, Piccoli, and Fritz Lang. Antonioni playbook is used on this.

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