ibook or powerbook....hmmmm

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
well heres the problem..... am purchasing a new notebook soon but cant descide on which one suits my needs better, an ibook or powerbook. Also keep in mind i want this to be around for sometime so i dont want to get something that will be out dated in the near future.

These are the systems i am considering. 800ghz ibook with 14" screen 640 ram, combo drive, or a 867ghz powerbook 15" screen, 256 ram, and superdrive.

It will be used for webpage building, mp3's, dvd play back, cd burning, and other trival daily tasks such as email, web surfing...ect. that type of stuff. It will also be on an wireless "extreme" network.

I am aware of all the hardware differences but i want to here from real users. Which should i buy...will i be taxing the G3 too much. And isnt it coming time to retire it soon??? Please any help is greatly appreciated.

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