What would you do?

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I have a 4th Generation 20GB iPod which recently had one of the channels in the headphone jack go out and the battery will no longer hold a charge beyond about 20 minutes. What is my best option? Don;t have Apple Care, so it looks like either something like iPod Resq or just recycle the one I have and buy a new one.

I'm looking for cost effectiveness. My current iPod does exactly what I want, but if it is going to be too expensive to fix the battery and headphone jack...


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    What would I do? Well, just this week I sold a 4th gen iPod on eBay and bought a 5.5th gen. Granted, mine was in full working order but that is still what I would suggest. A few weeks back my brother sold a completely defective 3rd gen on eBay for over $60. Someone out there has a desire to own a semi-working iPod and is willing to pay for it.
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