Does this bluetooth technology exist?

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Okay, so I'm about to get the new 12" powerbook. One of the most attractive feaures (for me, anyway) is the built-in bluetooth. I really hate all the clutter of wires...

So, I would like to know if there is a hub-like device that would allow me to plug my external USB keyboard/mouse/whatever and then use them via bluetooth.

I understand that such a device (if it exists) would have to be plugged in, in order to power the devices. But then I could come home from class and just set my computer down and viola!! I'm on the internet (via airport extreme) and all my USB devices are available (via bluetooth).

Am I just dreaming?


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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    Ooh, nooo. Bluetooth os sooo slow. USB1 is blazing fast in comparison.
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    applenutapplenut Posts: 5,768member
    bluetooth is more than enough for mice and keyboards but i dont believe the described device exists......yet

    only bluetooth enabled keyboards and mice
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    Where can one get a bluetooth mouse or keyboard?

    And are ther any printers out?

    I understand these things are expensive.



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    A bluetooth mouse and keyboard are available through microsoft and unfortunately is only for Windows...figures. Logitech, Macally, or Kensington may soon release their own bluetooth enabled peripherals hopefully soon. As for printers, HP DeskJet 995 Series I think is bluetooth enabled, you's have to check, but I know HP makes a bluetooth printer. Bluetooth is the wireless replacement for USB as 802.11 is the wireless replacement for ethernet cables.
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    bradbowerbradbower Posts: 1,068member
    Good Bluetooth stuff is going to be a number of months, so don't hold your breath.. remember how long it took for USB things to come out for the iMac, and then how long for actually decent stuff? Bluetooth is a little more than just sticking a USB port/chipset and a colored translucent case on a drive or hub or peripheral, so it may take even longer. I'm sure companies are also aiming at including Rendezvous support in their products, in the same generation.
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    You can also buy bluetooth adapters for printers. Therefore that one HP is not your only option.
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    I don;t know of any device like that .... YET.

    I would wager large sums of money that it WILL be marketed though, but not untill Bluetooth is more of a standard feature in new computers .... so far the PBooks are the only ones I know of that have built in BT as STANDARD equip.

    I say give it One Year to get BT off the ground.
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    cosmocosmo Posts: 662member
    [quote]Originally posted by djbsquared:

    <strong>You can also buy bluetooth adapters for printers. Therefore that one HP is not your only option.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    when i get my bluetooth enabled mac in the summer will i be able to buy a bluetooth adapter for my hp deskjet 990 (missed the bluetooth version by one model)?
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    baumanbauman Posts: 1,248member
    yeah, hp makes an adapter that plugs into the parallel port and will enable bluetooth printing, but damn, it must be slow.
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    bradbowerbradbower Posts: 1,068member
    Why would someone buy a Bluetooth adapter for a USB printer? If you're going to have to connect something to your printer and have it dangling, there will be no speed advantage, and considering the short range of Bluetooth, you might as well just connect it with USB. The Bluetooth adapter will be at least 3-5x as expensive as a USB cable... and for what?

    I'm sorry, I just don't get it.
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    I don't really see the point of bluetooth printing... I mean, a printer is stationary, why would you even have a reason to be plugging and unplugging it (which is the problem that bluetooth is trying to get around)? I mean, I suppose it makes sense if you have a laptop that you're always moving between your desk and work or something. But in that case, you could just get a port replicator and then you'd make all your devices easy to connect.

    Bluetooth really only makes sense for devices that you're always plugging in and unplugging, like PDAs, cell phones, MP3 players (though it'll have to get a lot faster before that is practical), and mice.
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    cosmocosmo Posts: 662member
    I highly doubt i would buy an adapter

    i was thinking because next fall i will be getting a powerbook and i will be taking it from class to class and back to my room. it would be nice to be able 2 put my laptop down on my desk and have the printer working without any wires

    i guess i could do that with airport as well

    we'll see how much is in the computer budget

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    chuckerchucker Posts: 5,089member
    [quote]Originally posted by bradbower:

    <strong>I'm sure companies are also aiming at including Rendezvous support in their products, in the same generation.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Unless there's such a thing as "TCP/IP via Bluetooth" (which I'd find a stupid idea), your statement there doesn't make sense. Rendezvous is an auto-discovery mechanism for IP-based networks, not for devices. Bluetooth devices, like FireWire and USB devices, already have auto-discovery mechanisms.
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    If you have a desktop (PowerMac or iMac), my suggestion is airport...


    "The AirPort Extreme Base Station also supports USB or Ethernet wireless printer sharing. Just plug in a compatible USB or Ethernet printer and with Mac OS X on your computer you can quickly and easily print. You can use the new USB port to attach a USB printer or use the 10/100BASE-T Ethernet LAN port to plug in an Ethernet printer directly into the base station. Now you can share a really great printer with everyone at home or in the office."

    Actually, I don't even think you need a desktop! :cool:

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