O'Reilly shares his wisdom on gaming

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Basically what you have is a large portion of the population, mostly younger people under the age of 45, who don?t deal with reality - ever. So they don?t know what day it is; they don?t know temperature it is; they don?t know what their neighbor looks like. They don?t know anything? because they are constantly diverted by a machine. Now what this does is it takes a person away from reality because they?ve created their own reality?


O'Reilly then dug a little deeper to say that youth who grew up playing video games were doomed to later be failures in society. "The skill set that is necessary to earn a decent living is being deemphasized in a fantasy world of football games and shooting zombies and all that...Now you have the "knows" and the "know-nots", because if you spend all your youth being prisoners of machines...you?re not going to know anything...You?re gonna fail."

OOOK. So please return to watching reality based TV shows and the O'Reilly factor on Fox TV to be in touch with what is necessary for life.


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    macrrmacrr Posts: 488member
    As much as that guy is an anus, and as much as I like video games as the next nintendo gen guy or gal- he has a point. Your life should certainly have balance. If you are spending so much time playing a video game you have no relationships, don't excercise, don't advance your career of choice, etc... then you have a problem. If you watch the o'reilly show and have a wife and kids, and a successful career, excercise regularly... well, you still have a problem.
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    O'Reilly's wisdom? That's an oxymoron, right?

    Honestly, I don't need that fathead telling me about the obvious things in life.
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