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  • berndog
    Is there a way you can just police those who cause problems and not deprive the rest of us of a good discussion?
    October 3
  • melgross
    Mike, really, if those quidelines mean that you can delete posts that are critical, they stink, and need to be revised. Critical comments are very I’m;let’s try to then process. Pretending g they do t exist doesn’t make it better, it make it o.

    a simply “Sorry guys, I fixed the typo” would have been the best response. And when fixing errors in articles, it’s traditional to leave the error, and at the end, announce the error, and the fix.

    i don’t get your response. I really don’t.
    September 25
    • melgross
      Now, I’ve got a lot of typo’s in my post that weren’t there before I posted it. This iPad is having problems.

      That sentence should,d have read:

      critical comments are very important to the process. The next sentence is screwed too.
    • Mike Wuerthele
      Mike Wuerthele
      This isn't about deleting posts that are critical. We leave relevant criticism to the topic at hand up all the time. We also have a process for typo correction, and a venue for it -- and the forums are not it. This is also specifically addressed in the forum guidelines.

      Relevant criticism is not "why is this on AppleInsider." Any given topic is on AppleInsider because we've either been asked to cover it by a significant portion of our audience, or one of our editors has chosen to cover it, and we all get wide latitude in that regard.

      You're welcome to not like the rules, and I want to hear about it. I just want to hear about it in the appropriate venue to do so.

      Also, I'm not worried about the typos here in this message -- I could understand what you were saying fine.
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