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  • Which internet-only TV service should Apple device owners use?

    Two personal observations.

    SlingTV was disappointing for its lack of a streaming catalogue for many shows.  You could watch a new show like Atlanta on FX the next day which was great, but TBS shows could mostly only be watched live.  If you missed a show there was no way to then watch it.

    The biggest game changer for me was adding the Channels app - combined with an OTA antenna wired to an HDHomeRun Connect that I wired to my router.  Setup was a breeze and the whole setup was just over $100 in one-time costs.  Cannot DVR OTA TV but I can time-shift it with about a 90 minute buffer.  If you watch so many sports that you need ESPN or a regional sports network this won't do, but if you just want to catch the NFL or other major network-TV games, this is the slickest setup.  I could pull up a game, pause it for 60 minutes and go about doing stuff, then watch the game and skip commercials and catch up to live near the end of the game.  You also get better quality from the OTA signal.

  • With Apple abandoning AirPort, here are the best alternative Wi-Fi routers for Mac users

    macxpress said:
    rg19 said:
    Time Machine backups can be made to a AirPort Time Capsule, or to a hard drive connected to the USB port on an AirPort Extreme
    Wrong.  I used to do this, and it worked for a while, and for many it still may work.  Then one day I had problems and while on the phone with Apple they explained to me, and supported it with the fine print on their website, that Time Machine backups may only be made to a USB hard drive if it is connected to an AirPort Time Capsule, and not an AirPort Extreme.  It seems odd.  It also seems silly to only allow USB Hard Drive Time Machine backups through a device that already has a hard drive (the Time Capsule).  But, that's the reality from Apple's perspective.  Apple does not support Time Machine backups made to a USB Hard Drive connect to an AirPort Extreme.
    I think you were told wrong...It says right on Apple's website you can plug a hard drive and/or printer into it. I think the USB port even supports a USB hub so you can plug both into it at the same time. The only one that does not support it is an AirPort Express, which I don't recall that ever supporting a hard drive, only a printer. Perhaps you're confusing an AirPort Express with an AirPort Extreme?

    You can plug a USB Hard Drive into it and use that as a networked drive.  But using that drive as your Time Machine backup drive is what is not supported.

    EDIT TO ADD: Okay they fixed this for the 802.11ac version of the AirPort Extreme.  You can attach a USB hard drive to that model for Time Machine backups.  For all prior versions of the AirPort Extreme, what I said above is still accurate.

    EDIT TWO: Source
  • Harman debuts first wireless Apple CarPlay integration, launches with BMW 5 Series sedan

    Can someone explain a particular aspect of wireless CarPlay that i cannot find anywhere.  When operating in Wifi Direct at 5GHz, does it also operate 'normal' Wifi at 2.4 Ghz? And what about cellular data?

    If I'm in my driveway and get connected, will my iPhone also connect to my home wifi for data, while connected via Wifi Direct to the head unit?  Or when out on the road, will it connect to cellular data alongside Wifi Direct?

    In either scenario the underlying question is the same.  When seeing a 5GHz Wifi Direct connection, does the phone 'think' it is online via wifi - except that the head unit isn't actually an internet connection, resulting in a total loss of data because it doesn't connect to another wifi and doesn't connect to cellular data because it thinks it is connected to the internet through wifi.

    I hope that all makes sense.  I can't imagine Apple would screw this up.  But i don't know enough about Wifi Direct to know if it can tell the phone this isn't really wifi in the normal sense, or if it is capable of dual connections to a router at 2.4GHz while also the head unit at 5GHz.