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  • Facebook steps up 'false news' crackdown with tips for spotting and reporting bogus storie...

    What happens when groups report true news as false and fact checker agree with that false decision? Any way to refute or reverse bad judgements?
  • Apple held secret meeting with developers in 2017 to push app subscriptions

    cashxx said:
    Sorry....will never give in to a subscription model and neither should anyone else!

    Subscriptions make a lot of sense for certain applications.

    Microsoft Office 365 is an OUTSTANDING deal on a subscription. Instead of buying Office every few years for several hundred dollars (upgrade fee) you pay $99 a year (I have the Home subscription for 5 users). So you end up paying the same, but get regular updates and features, instead of one big update every few years. To top it off, MS throws in 5TB storage (1 per user).

    I doubt Apple is trying to get ALL developers to go to subscriptions, as many Apps simply don’t fit that model. More likely they met with developers with Apps that made sense to use a subscription model - those that provide an on-going service as opposed to a “fixed function” App (like a calculator).

    I find it funny when people complain about subscriptions for software when they already pay “subscription fees” for everyday services (cable, internet, cell phone...).
    I bought Office 2003? and it lasted until 2011 which I'm using now. so if the app lasts 8 years, the subscription cost is $800 vs the $300 I paid to buy it outright?
  • Feds, lobbyists draw battle lines over Apple's EU $14.5B tax bill

    "It's remarkable to think that the administration has been flying over to Brussels on taxpayers' dollars to lobby the European Union against collecting taxes owed in Europe when they're not collecting the taxes owed here," said the bipartisan Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency Coalition's (FACT) Deputy Director Clark Gascoigne. "It's terribly ironic."
    Actually Apple does pay taxes here in the US, just not on the money earned outside the US. I believe that's the way the law is written. The US gov is clearly supporting a US owned company which is the right thing to do.
  • Apple calls for plaintiffs' lawyers to be kicked in iPhone throttling case

    "Apple calls for plaintiffs' lawyers to be kicked in iPhone throttling case"
    Is that in the behind or what?
  • Apple responds to Congress on privacy, reaffirms 'the customer is not our product'

    Apple needs to specify what is "hate speech" that is used to ban apps and pod casts. There should be quantifiable measures, not whatever Politifact or SPLC say. Otherwise, they start down a slippery slope where unliked speech becomes hate speech.
  • Editorial: Can Apple News+ kill 'fake news' and save journalism?

    Journalism is already dead. When you see major news media outlets suppress news that favorable to President Trump, make numerous mistakes against Trump they later have to retract with less publicity, only report facts that support their side, don't report facts critical of their side, journalism is gone. Studies have already shown that Google search results favor liberal sites such as CNN even though their accuracy and quality of news reporting has been extremely poor.

    An example is with the announcement of the Green New Deal, most news media was praising it, but none have stated how much it will actually lower earth's temperature. For the US to spend something like $93 trillion and there's no critique of what you're getting for your money is irresponsible.
  • Apple allegedly discussing Touch ID reinstatement, Mini LED screens with supplier GIS

    Why not touch screen ID for the iWatch? The current log in method seems to be a weak point that can allow access to iPhone and Mac.
  • Craig Federighi says iPadOS created because iPad is now a 'truly distinct experience'

    Or in other words, the iPad is being positioned to replace laptops.
  • How Apple's iPhone 14 emergency satellite service works for users

    The communications is not with normal satellite communications, but rather part of emergency location services. I haven't heard which satellite system but assume it's Iridium.

  • US regulators ask smartphone makers to implement function-limited 'driver mode'

    barthrh said:
    entropys said:
    If you are a passenger in a moving car a GPS solution won't be desirable. Similarly if it is the passenger's phone hooking into the car system via Bluetooth it isn't desirable.  This is not straightforward.
    No kidding! Any attempt to fully restrict functionality based on those factors will hugely diminish the value of a phone, particularly to passenger who probably wants to send a few messages while on the ride. Bluetooth as a detection protocol is stupid; passengers use (my kids like to control the music) it or control panel -> off and you have full access. You can argue that this is personal responsibility and it is... so make car mode voluntary like airplane mode. Anyhow, all speculation for now and I will bet that this will more likely be leveraged by Apple to say "we agree, get all manufacturers to implement CarPlay".
    Most likely way to accomplish it is through some short range RFID, sort of like you can't turn the car on unless the key fob is close to the driver.
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