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  • Apple exec Eddy Cue 'overextended,' falling asleep in meetings

    That's what meetings are for.
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  • Apple reportedly 'looking into' pair of iPhone 8 Plus with split screen from swollen batte...

    My only apple device which has this (after a few years) was my iPod G5. It was simply replaced by a new one at the Genius Bar. They told me that the swelling was to prevent it form building up internal pressure.
  • Origin of Apple's 'A ?' QuickType bug a mystery, but notoriety grows with spread of memes,...

    I would expect that you get "10" when typing a X. ;-)
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  • Apple Store sitemap leak confirms 'iPhone XS,' 'iPhone XS Max,' & 'iPhone Xr' names for 20...

    iPhone Xr (retina) iPhone Xs (super retina)
  • Developer interest in Apple Watch eclipsed by iOS and tvOS, report says

    As a developer I lost interrest because to develop for the watch you have to use storyboards and auto layout instead of having the freedom and flexibility of coding the user interface. I think the intensive use of storyboards and auto layout is also the reason why everything is slow on the watch. Its way to heavy for an underpowered device.
  • Apple SVP Phil Schiller addresses Touch Bar, other MacBook Pro concerns

    I think the problems people have with the MB pro is also related to the keynote.

    Somehow this big company can only come up (after 2 to 3 years) with a new MB Pro model? What about the other Mac models which are in need of an update? Why can't they create a monitor themselves? They don't have to make a profit on everything. It is part of the Mac line. Always big words about design, and now you may place an ugly LG monitor in the middle of your desk.

    Maybe they need to rethink the whole Mac line. What about the TouchBar on other Mac models? If it will only be available on the MB Pro top models, it will be a gimmick. You might expect that if they think of new input methods for the Mac, they should think of how this works for all models.

    The problem is not not having a touchscreen. The problem is they don't come up with a better alternative.

    Why a Touch Bar? Why not add a screen to the trackpad? It already has force multitouch and haptic feedback and it's even bigger on the new MB's. It could do all the things the TouchBar does but it has much more space (screen) available. It can give all kinds of visible feedback while making gestures, etc. And why not add Apple Pencil support to it? Ultimately the trackpad is an iOS like device as a subsystem. They have the hardware, touch-id, etc. And such a visual trackpad can also be a separate device for the other Mac models.

    Such a thing would create a synergy between iOS and the Mac and can work for all Macs. And it's the synergy that people are now missing.

    And about the MB ports: My MB Pro has: Magsafe, 2x USB, 2x TB, 3.5 (analog + digital), HDMI and SD reader. The new MB Pro: 4x USB-C/TB and 3.5 analog. This step is to big for most people. Not only did they replace the 2 USB and 2 TB ports for 4 USB-C/TB, which is fine, but also removed all the other ones. If they just kept the 3.5 (analog + digital), HDMI and SD reader this was less an issue.