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  • Apple said to be 'aggressive' in ordering MacBook Pro units, strong sales expected through 2017

    People seem to have a funny perception of "Pro".  I can see that the creative industry will have a lot of devices: external harddrives, a mouse or a digitizer, an extra screen, or photos or video on an SD card.  But all of these are extra devices that need to be carried and are typically more or less personal.  So, you may as well stick an adapter on them.  Or you may carry a universal adapter that has some USB3 ports, an HDMI or VGA out port, and so on.

    The rest of us professionals do other things.  We read and write, we compute, we program, we research.  We use specialized software, perhaps.  Data comes in via the internet and Wifi.  That's today's mode of connectivity, and it's been like that for a while.  External mice and keyboards are wireless.  Batteries need to be recharged, but the convenience of not having to mess with cables is nice.  For a permanent desk, why not use a Dock, or a single universal adapter.  One thing to plug in when you sit down.  Who doesn't like that?

    Now, the main thing I'm going to miss is an HDMI port.  Pretty much any professional out there will need to give presentations.  I lecture, and I speak publicly -- quite regularly so.  I need a port that connects to projectors.  Now I'm going to need to carry two adapters: a VGA one, and an HDMI one.  I'm going to forget them, and it's going to lead to embarrassment.  But I think it'll be a temporary problem if USB-C is going to establish itself.

    I've ordered a high-end MBP 13 for travels and work.  Retaining my older 15" MBP for work at home, and a 5K iMac on my desk at work.  Looking forward!
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