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  • Apple Watch one of the first post-Steve Jobs products at Apple, says Jony Ive

    dougd said:
    Stands to reason.  Hard to believe Jobs would approve of this joke of a product
    Yeah, who would want to have a Fortune 300 company based on a piece of junk like that?

    Everyone, including Jobs for sure. He was fond of "hobbies"
  • Apple versus Samsung smartphone patent trial not over, $533M jury ruling contested

    Sadly this will go all the way to the Supremes (Again).

    Probably not, since the Supremes aren't obligated to rule on any of these types of issues. I haven't seen the court docs Samsung has filed, but it's probably not a significant legal issue with national implications. The Court only has limited time every year for 100 or so cases, so this isn't going to make the docket.
  • Woman sues feds over data retention after iPhone seized at border

    Mike, sorry but you thought it was relevant enough to cover in the story, why can't someone else comment on the fact that you mentioned it? You're being overly sensitive about "politicizing" things. 
    This is a topic that I have been over the reasons why the policy exists at least a dozen times. The reasons for it are well documented.
    Well, you're missing the point of my comment. It was about the level of your Politicizer Threshhold, not that it exists--which I get.

    But, oddly, Skil keeps posting overtly political comments without your reaction. Thousands of posts earns a bye?
  • Woman sues feds over data retention after iPhone seized at border

    ireland said:
    As a reminder, this is not the place for your political manifesto. Err on the side of caution, and if you even think you're toeing up to the line, maybe read our commenting guidelines linked at the bottom of every page.
    So why mention her religion?
    What does her religion have anything to do with a political manifesto? Yet, somehow, here we are.

    This conversation is over.
    Mike, sorry but you thought it was relevant enough to cover in the story, why can't someone else comment on the fact that you mentioned it? You're being overly sensitive about "politicizing" things. 
  • Apple working on headlight system that could highlight road hazards for drivers

    Mercedes has had that technology for a while now and their new Maybach can already project images onto the road like this. 

    I welcome the the competition from Apple in the car space, but while they may be one of the most innovative consumer tech companies it’s going to be tough going up against their equal in the auto industry.
    While I am a Mercedes fan from way back, and they have brought a lot of firsts to the industry, that particular idea has no advantage over windshield display, and may even be distracting or useless in certain conditions. 

    I don't think potential Mercedes innovations should have any limiting effect on what Apple may do in the field. It's not winner take all.
  • Silicon Valley's product strategy won't work with health care, says Apple veteran

    And, that DiseaseCare industry is supporting itself in every way that it can -- including blocking tech devices that promote health by not recognizing their utility to promote health.   They want to keep "healthcare" under their control and their umbrella.  And, they use the FDA as cover to block consumer grade medical devices from becoming "medical devices".  Another strategy is to create a culture among healthcare professionals to not trust these devices or recognize their utility.   So:  you go to a doctor and show him your results and he disses them and ignore them.
    That is, 75% of that $3 Trillion is spent treating the symptoms of chronic diseases -- 50% of which could have been prevented with a healthy lifestyle.   It is THAT that Apple and other tech products can impact by promoting healthy lifestyles -- and what our DiseaseCare industry is fighting tooth and nail.

    Pray tell, what "consumer grade medical devices" have been "blocked" by the FDA? 
  • Apple joins FDA pilot program allowing it to skip some rules for health products

    dysamoria said:
    Wait. What? Why? Regulation exists for very real and important reasons. Why would they just let certain companies slip by with less or zero regulatory process??
    It’s cute you think that the FDA actually exists to protect the people of the United States. That hasn’t been the case for decades. Why the fuck do you think there’s corn and soy in everything?
    tshapi said:
    I think this is related to the administration in power. Trump is very much pro corporation. . 
    Obama and Clinton allowed it, too. Don’t get political.
    FDA is better than equivalent agencies around the world. I speak from experience.

    There's corn and soy in lots of things because those crops are usually economically grown (profitable) in large volumes, temperature-hardy, energy-dense, storable, transportable, and blend well (palatable) with other proteins in meals of most cuisines, so they make for safe and reliable food sources. You can easily avoid or minimize your exposure to these foods if you don't like them, or are one of the rare people that can't tolerate one of them. If you're talking about GMO or HFCS, those are entirely different discussions, in which hysteria seems to be predominant. 
  • Elon Musk expects 'Apple Car' to be late to market, estimates volume production by 2020

    sog35 said:
    Elon Musk.

    The same guy that said there is a 99.99% chance that all of us are living in a Matrix like computer simulation.

    I'm not kidding.  Musk said there is less than a 1 in a billion chance that we are actually living in reality. He truly believes we are all living in a computer simulation.
    I wanna restart then. Didn't read the rules of engagement before achieving directed consciousness mode.
  • Mysterious overnight activity at Apple stores presages Thursday's Mac event

    As much crap as everyone seems to be giving Sog today, the fact is he's not really wrong. Every year the Apple execs tout what they have in the pipeline...and every year we get squat. "This is our best (minimum GB iphone, slightly better ipad with no place to attach the great new Pencil!, translucent menu bar, bokeh effect, San Francisco font, Apple logo made from 100% pure virgin unobtainium...) ever. We're so proud of it."

    <snort> Huh! What? Must have dozed off during the keynote again. 

    Maybe today will be different.