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    macmarcus said:
    ric.m said:
    Re: President Trump. 
    When borrowing money from banks it’s advantageous to show as much income as possible to qualify for the loan.  When filing taxes, it’s advantageous to show as little income as possible to pay less in taxes.  Even if every deduction Mr. Trump took on his federal returns was legit (e.g. he didn’t ‘cheat on his taxes’) if those numbers don’t match what he told the bank, that’s Fraud - and it’s a felony. President Trump has pre-emptively sued the banks to stop them from providing the income records he submitted to the bank, because if they don’t match the federal returns, he’s guilty of fraud and (thanks to Trunp’s ex-attorney Mr. Cohen’s testimony pointing Congress to exactly when and where to look) it’s a non-defensible slam dunk impeachment.
    Dream on. You obviously don't understand what "income" is vs. what "taxable income" is. I can have very high income but very low taxable income. For example I could have a large real estate portfolio with incredible rent income but because of favorable accelerated depreciation deductions have zero taxable income or of course loss carry forwards that bring all present taxable income to zero.

    High income earners are audited every year by the IRS so I am 1000% sure Trump is paying exactly what the IRS says he should be paying. It is his right to fight to pay the lowest income taxes legally obligated to pay. The only time wrongdoing would happen is if someone presents fake tax return to a bank, which is what lowlife stupid people do, not what uber super rich people do. Large companies, including Apple, have IRS tax auditors assigned there, the IRS doesn't rely on anyone's accounting firm as being accurate.

    Every time someone says Trump will be impeached, I laugh. Tin foil is cheap and it makes a great hat, I recommend it to all impeachers. LOL

    You’re misinterpreting my post. I’m not passing judgement, just stating what the issue Is and how it’s not in any way related to paying sales tax and getting a rebate from the retailer.

    Also, in the case of Mr. Trump, it’s not about deductions or tax strategy.  Mr. Trump almost certainly submitted copies of his tax returns (and other income-related documentation) to the bank. His lawyer (with admitted self-interest) claimed he misrepresented his finances to the banks. He made this claim under oath to Congress. If it’s true, it wouldn’t be hard to prove (either way) if Congress successfully subpoenas both sets of docs.  Its not subjective, either Mr. Cohen’s claims are true or not, as shown by submitted financial disclosures; no gray area.

    To be clear, I’m not implying guilty or innocent here.  Not even intended to be a political post (although it’ll be interpreted as such as it’s such a polarizing topic)