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  • Google keeps trying to hammer on Apple for not adopting RCS

    One of the subheadings in the article is "RCS isn't the answer". I'm pointing out that if you're going to say that RCS isn't the answer, it's useful to say what is.
    I disagree.  I can say death isn't the answer to life, but it doesn't mean I have any alternative.  There is always the possibility that there is no useful answer.  Sometimes, life sucks, and that's all there is to it.
  • Two-year probe of Apple's alleged anti-competitive behavior shut down by Canadian governme...

    What I would like to see from all governments is the courage to call Cook and Apple on farming out production to the East and paying them a subsistence income, if that, in slave labour working conditions. Unless that is changed I can't buy Apple products as I refuse to be complicit. Have a look at this documentary: www.cbc.ca/passionateeye/m/episodes/apples-broken-promises . 
    As SpamSandwich noted, this is not even close to the case.  The average pay in China is far below what it is in Canada or US, and to expect the same wages is just plain idiotic.  As of right now, factory workers at an iPhone line, if they are hardworking, after 3-5 years, can return to their hometown and have saved enough to start their own business (and this is savings after sending money home each month to support their family!).  Can you do that with *ANY* factory work here in US or Canada?  At one point, a factory worker working on iPhones is making about 20% or more, hourly, above workers on other phones - and making as much money as an engineer or a pilot.

    So what the hell are you bitching about?  If you think they pay too little for iPhone workers, then you should not be using *ANY* phones at all.
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  • Apple subreddit reopens after moderation team threatened with removal

    You simply do not get to control a platform you do not own, and are only a moderator at. 
    This is something that everyone should agree with.
    I personally think the Mods that shut down are pathetic little babies.
    And I think you are the pathetic kind of ass who infects the forums with your negativity.
    That's before asking why?  Moderators that do not make a thing and run a subreddit?  
    Either they were making $$ on the third party apps, (real reason so mad?) or they got some sad lives man.  LOL 
    That you cannot see other possibilities shows what kind of sad pathetic person you are.  The fact that wikipedia exists show how people are happy to spend their time to help improve global knowledge for everyone.  These moderators are also happy to help people.  But in your mind, they are either making money (not true) or have sad lives (also, probably, not true).  You are the sad pathetic one.