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  • Chinese students sue Apple over not including chargers with iPhones

    Apple should have just said “We will sell you an iPhone for $1020. Alternatively you can save $20 by opting for a phone without the charger.”

  • Here are the five biggest iPad Pro problems, because no device is perfect

    crosslad said:
    crosslad said:
    Here’s how to solve your problems:

    1 External Drive support - use a WiFi Drive
    2 Lack if mouse - use the Apple Pencil
    3 Headphone jack - use a dongle or a device with a usb c jack. 3.5 headphone jacks have gone from mobile devices
    4 Overpowered - come on, rendering a video in less than half the time is a problem. It will also future proof the iPad. 
    5 Storage - see 1
    1. That slows my files transfers to the speed of the WiFi connection. And I get another device that needs to be kept charged. Yay.

    2. Use a pencil while the iPad is positioned semi-vertically on the keyboard, and/or while viewing the image on that external monitor the iPad now supports? I wish you luck making it work in either of those obvious scenarios.

    3. If I use a dongle to feed the sound system, where will I connect the cable for the projector?
    1. I use a Verbatim Media Share device connected to an old Iomega hard drive for backing up from my phone works fine imo. There are also suitable flash drives if you need faster transfer, I have a Greendisk lightening flash drive for my phone, again this works very well.
    2 Grapic designers use a Wacom Tablet instead of a mouse, the iPad makes a great Wacom replacement. 
    3 USB C hubs are easily available and inexpensive. Not sure how many USB C ports you can chain together but imagine it will be more than you will ever need. 
    1. Glad your system is working out well for you. Neither of the solutions you mention address the fundamental issue, but I appreciate the pointers anyway.

    2. Read my comment again. Using a stick as a pointer isn't the problem. Using a stick as a pointer on a VERTICAL SURFACE is a problem. Graphic designers are not standing their Wacom tablets on their edges. Neither are they trying to work with no cursor on their monitor.

    3. Good point.
    I do agree with you on two and wish Apple would introduce mouse/trackpad support. However it is not a deal breaker for me as the alternatives are workable although not the best solution. 
    There are also things that the iPad can do that the laptop can’t that I use that need to be given consideration, such as scanning documents, taking photos and videos. 
  • Apple hikes UK prices on some older Mac models by 20% in response to declining British pound

    I was hoping to replace my old Mac mini and come back to iPhone from android next year. If these prices remain I will be sticking with android and getting a new windows PC. I really love Apple products but there is a limit to how much I am going to pay for them over the competition. 
  • Facing 'sluggish sales,' Apple said to continue reduced iPhone production through June quarter

    bluefire1 said:
    The iPhone 7 had better be a real upgrade, both cosmetically and internally. My friend recently showed me his new Galaxy S7 and it is stunning. And the battery life....
    That wasn't my opinion when I saw it in real life. Oversaturated screen, the sample images looked awful, and the build quality really isn't the same as an iPhone. 
  • 'NAND mirroring' could let FBI break into iPhone without Apple's help, researchers say

    If this phone had been any later model than the 5c the FBI could have just used the terrorists  thumb to unlock the phone.