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  • What's next for Apple in 2016: New features & apps for Apple TV

    sog35 said:
    AppleTV 4 is another exhibit #40 that just shows Tim Cook  has no idea how to run an elite company.

    AppleTV4 should have been released YEARS AGO.  They would have crushed Roku/Chromecast/AmazonTV instantly.  Instead they take their sweet old time and allow the competition to make massive inroads. And what do we get for the long wait?  An AppStore.  Friken pathetic.

    Cook is a damn idiot.  He needs to be fired immediatly for being reactive instead of proactive.  This is just another blunder of Cook being behind the market.

    1. Keep selling top end phones with 16 GB. Pathetic. For concerned about short-term profit than long-term customer satisfaction.

    2. Taking too long to bring large screen iPhones

    3. Not updating iPad Mini last year, not updating iPad Air this year

    4. Pathetically weak iMac and MacMini base models

    5. Way too little free iCloud. No bonus iCloud for owning multiple devices.

    6. More concerned about thinness than decent battery life on the 6 and 6s

    7. Horrible user interface for Apple Music

    8. No 4k video for ATV4......even though the 6s shots 4k video. I mean WTF

    9. No traction on ApplePay. Hardly anyone accepts it. 

    10. Homekit is vaporwear at this point. Does Google and Samsung need to show you how its done?

    11. No live TV package. Fucking unacceptable. Even Dish/Sony was able to close a TV package deal.
    Wow. You are being FAR too harsh. I suppose you won't argue that you could do better though, huh? Apple may be an elite company, but they still face some of the obstacles of a smaller company.

    1. Any true Apple enthusiast understands that their philosophy is to release a product when *they* feel it is ready. They are not necessarily competing against the competition; they worry about themselves. They understand if they are not reactionary to the rest of the industry, and rather focus their energies and talent on their own vision of an innovative future, that they will be the one to define it. So far, it seems to be largely working.
    2. The new Apple TV is leaps and bounds above the previous version in every regard. I absolutely love the new interface, and believe it is easily the best implementation of Jony's minimalistic design language. It looks so damn slick and fresh. Also, I don't understand everyone's problem with the on-screen keyboard — I got used to it within minutes, and actually find it strangely satisfying to slide across the keys with momentum based off the speed of my swipe along the Touch Surface. Plus, the Remote app is now supported, so anyone still complaining about it is just doing so because they refuse to *not* be displeased with it. I'm extremely satisfied with it. 
    3. The new ATV App Store brings so much opportunity to the new Apple TV, it is worthy of being the "defining feature." It is already offers more than other set-top box App Stores. I'm extremely optimistic for the future, especially with tvOS receiving yearly updates like all the rest.
    4. The TV Subscription service requires a massive deal to be with one of the most stubborn industries around. The TV Industry is adament to the way things are now, and don't want to embrace an extreme transition to streaming. The only reason why Apple pulled it off with music is because the Music Industry has been crumbling for years now, with so many people just pirating their music. It was either evolve or die. TV isn't that desperate. Yet. So it makes sense that Cook is having difficulty striking a deal. I would argue that it's not him being incompetent, it's them not being willing to embrace change.
    5. Cook's decision to release larger screened iPhones late in the game can be described with my first point. They don't care that they're the last to do it; iPhone 6(/s) and Plus' sales are indicative that they did it right, and most consumers would agree. They're gobbling up marketshare. Apply this to Apple TV 4 vs other set-top boxes as well. The Apple TV 4 is already selling well, because apparently unlike you, people realize that good things come to those who wait.
    6. It's not an obsession with thinness, it's an obsession with ergonomics and aesthetics. It's clear that their vision of the iPhone is for it to be a robust computer in your pocket that is about as unobtrusive and negligible as a sheet of paper. I think that sounds pretty cool.
    7. Battery life is not nearly as bad as everyone complains about. Most users are fine, and if they're not, they're willing to embrace their options to extend battery life. I have an iPhone 6 and my battery lasts me all day until I get back home, and that's with semi frequent gaming. And I don't have a battery case (although I wouldn't mind having one). Sure, there are some days where it dies more quickly, but there are usually understandable reasons for that. The fact still remains that the iPhone is considered to have solid battery life for an upper-class smartphone.
    8. There is nothing wrong with Apple Music's interface. It's gotten better with iOS 9, and has even seen some more UI improvements with iOS 9.2. I think it's accessible, elegant and simple. It only took me about 10-15 mins of playing around to become familiar with the interface, so that argument is null.
    9. Apple Pay is being accepted by new banks all the time in the US, more and more retail apps are accepting it as a payment method, as well as actual retail stores. Apple Pay is doing well.
    10. HomeKit isn't taking off because Apple hasn't talked much about it. The market for HomeKit devices is growing, and you can in fact buy third-party products that allow you to turn your home into a smart-home by means of HomeKit. However, I do believe that it will only really take off if Apple offers their own solutions.
    11. I can almost agree with you about the iCloud storage though. However, it's only $1 a month to get 50 Gigabytes of storage, and that's plenty for me, and most other users. And if one can't chock up $1 for sufficient cloud space, they probably shouldn't be investing in Apple products to begin with. Anyone who needs more than 50 gigs can probably afford to buy more.