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  • Review: Kwikset Premis HomeKit lock chews through batteries, disappoints

    nhughes said:
    etc etc etc 
    A whopping two comments on your account, but you seem to think you have a lot of historical perspective on where AI has been and where it is going. 

    This is post is in violation of a number of our commenter guidelines, including insulting the author and disparaging the site. You're right, I think it's time for you to stop commenting. Two was enough. 
    You forgot the "Boom!!  Drop mic..."  at the end there. 

    But more seriously..  It seems that all of these products are just "ok" with none of them being spectacular enough to make everyone run out and get one.  In concept absolutely, in final execution, not even close.  I am sorry but my current deadbolt requires no maintenance, no hassles, no needing to babysit it every 2-3 months, no quirks as they key always works.  I don't have to check it periodically or be worried that someone with only the bluetooth key can't get in.  So if everyone has to have a physical key just in case...  then this thing is just a novelty and misses the point. It is never going to reinvent the category and dominate with this level of performance.  I suppose that is why Apple is Apple.  If it doesn't work beyond just checking the satisfactory boxes, they don't ship it.  

    Sure, I casually read reviews on these products so maybe i missed the killer device. If i did please share which i should look at.  But i doubt it. There is always some quirk and the battery life sucks on all of them. Sorry but even a battery change twice a year means it is not dependable enough.  These things are still for the early adopters and tinkerers.  

  • Samsung may launch two bendable smartphones with OLED screens in 2017

    TurboPGT said:
    Because this is what the world is missing? Bendable phones?

    No. Next gimmick please. 
    yep... Yet more technology looking for a problem to solve. If at some point it serves a useful purpose then maybe it is more than just a sound bite.