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  • Rumor: Apple to debut 10.5-inch iPad Pro at special event in early April

    I think the new size iPad will introduce Apple's new Augmented Reality functionality. This functionality has been heralded already by Tim Cook. 

    Now the way I think the Augmented Reality functionality will work is to have facial tracking capability on the front of the device. This will allow the machine to display a "seamless" version of reality on the screen (actually the bezel will be the "seam", that is why they are reducing it as much as possible) as it can work out exactly where the viewer's eyes are all the time.

    Obviously this functionality is more pertinant with an iPad compared to an iPhone as an iPad provided its viewer with a bigger chunk of "reality" (for the same distance from the eye, of course).

    I think this will be BIG. I just hope the technology can be protected by patents or by some other means. Maybe the fact that Apple designs their own chips now will be sufficient to stop the opposition from copying.

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  • Apple invites press to Sept. 12 event at Apple Park's Steve Jobs Theater for 'iPhone 8'

    I put everything I had into AAPL 9 years ago. I have never touched it and last week my investment passed the 3 million mark. I was feeling a bit guilty ... the old pretestant work ethic you know ... getting money for nothing. But now I am told that I am an ACTIVE investor. That's makes me feel good  ... an active, hardworking investor deserves his dividend :-)
  • Jony Ive disappears from list of advisors for Saudi 'megacity' project [u]

    Appleish said:
    Good. Nobody should be doing business with such a repressive, bloodthirsty country. There are other predominantly Muslim countries much more deserving of his attention. 
    Please enlighten us: how many individuals did the USA kill, in the last two decades, compared to Saudi. Would love too see your "bloodthirsty" comparison.
    I'm no fan of the Saudi leadership, but I'm no fan of racial ignorance either.
    Well granted, the USA has killed a lot of people in the last two decades. Especially using drones in anarchic regions of the world.

    But what MBS (the Saudi boss) has just done is an order of magnitude worse. I ask you ... Have any American citizens been killed (and their bodies dismembered) during a routine visit to an American embassy just because they have dared criticize the people in power in the home country ?
  • Apple wants major newspapers to join new subscription service

    I would prefer to pay by the article. We would be talking about micro-payments here ... a few cents per article. 

    I spend between one hour and two hours everyday APPLE NEWS and wouldn't object to paying for these hours of amusement.

    Perhaps there are technical reasons why paying per article is not possible. But I would think it should be possible in this day and age ... with Apple Pay and everything.