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  • Apple Stores suffering from 'cult' atmosphere, advancement barriers, says UK staffer

    I have only good comments for the Apple staff. I've shopped in Apple stores in various UK, UK and Australian cities and they've always been helpful. I usually know what I want but on my last visit whilst out of country on business I needed to replace a bricked iPad (motherboard failure) which was out of warranty (my kid's iPad) & they offered me a refurbed at a great price. I replaced a MacbookPro power supply which was 3 years old and had just died on the road (my spare was at home) and the sales person showed me some neat features on the iPadPro absolutely relevant to my business when I made an enquiry . No company is perfect, but I've never seen any signs of disrespect at a Genius Bar and if someone is being obnoxious I'd expect the management to back up the staff and kick the customer out.
  • US Attorney General Loretta Lynch talks iPhone encryption case with Stephen Colbert

    Normal customer service call : Normal Customer : "Apple can you help ?" Apple : "We've had a look, the answer is No we can't help." Normal Customer : "Ok, thanks for trying." This 'normal service call' US Government : "Apple can you help ?" Apple : "We've sent people down, we've given you advice and you ignored it. That's all we can do." US Government : "Tough, we want in & we're gonna lie to the Media and Public, until you relent and sue you because we want to spy on the world." US Government to everyone : "Our quadruple billions of NSA money used to spy on everyone in world can't get into the iPhone and we really need to look 'just this once'. Trust us we won't ever need it again (other than all the other cases we're pursuing quietly), we're the guardians of liberty and privacy." Everyone : "I think Not, we've heard this before and heard testimony to congress that you promised you weren't spying on us, then we found out you were. Once bitten..."
  • Apple Watch anniversary gift saves runner's life

    This is exactly the reason I wear an Apple Watch now instead of a more expensive Swiss watch that was purchased several years earlier. 

    I was very active at sports when younger but experienced some heart racing after decent gym one day which was unusual, it wasn't a heart attack and I felt ok but was concerned enough to look into it.
    The racing kept happening It kept appearing so I bought the Apple Watch to monitor what was going on. The watch confirmed a suspicion and I saw it peak around 150bps, I saw a Dr, he put me on to beta blockers then I had an ablation surgery a couple months later.
    The consultant said I'd lost 30% of the muscle strength in the heart by it racing over a short period of time and I probably would have had a stroke.

    When I work out now I make sure I keep under 120bps to save any stress.

    These watches literally save lives for a few hundred dollars.
  • Hands on: ScreenFlow 7 update turns the screen recording app into a video suite

    My last upgrade from 5 to 6 was $44 AUD.
    6 to 7 is $39 US
  • Hands On: Keymand 1.1 brings touch-screen options to your Mac from a connected iPad

    emoeller said:
    charles1 said:
    Wow just what I need for my desktop, an iPad as a really expensive second keyboard. What I need is official Apple system level support for the iPad as a pressure sensitive graphics tablet. I don't want to pay $70 a year for Astropad.
    Try this....

    I agree with Emoeller. I've used DuetDisplay for a couple of years to allow me to have a second screen when working away from my office.
  • Meta is slowly recovering, but still 'at the whim of Apple' says exec

    I don't want Facebook tracking me so keep hitting them Apple.

    Complaining that their business is having problems because another company won't allow them to access unsuspecting users of that companies devices means that the business is flawed in the first place and if revenue projections are hit then tough

  • macOS Monterey review: A compelling refinement of Big Sur

    DAalseth said:
    I’ll update, but really only to keep currant. Everyone is crowing about Focus. I don’t use DND so an improved DND is just of no interest. The Privacy improvements are good. I never turn up my nose at improved privacy/security. TBH the rest of the list is interesting but I doubt I’ll use them much. 

    EDIT: To make it clear, I hope that this ends up being this decades Snow Leopard. Refined and rock solid. The standard we compare the next ten or so releases to. I don’t see a lot of the new features as being of much interest, but I am pleased by all the talk about back end improvements, and refinements. 
    Agreed Snow Leopard was one of the best releases

    My preference is always a 2 release cycle, 1st release new features, 2nd refines the features and optimises performance so the changes are more gradual but the OS says solid.
  • Major apps abandoning Apple Watch, including Google Maps, Amazon & eBay [u]

    I got my watch a couple of weeks ago; for the apps I use it's working out great. It's just a matter of figuring out which apps and business uses are suitable for a watch or not. If developers are not seeing an uptake of their app it's probably a design fault or their model does not work on the platform. I'd rather see a small number of high quality apps where all the developers make a ton of money for getting it right, rather than a whole pile of garbage apps.
  • Apple releases iOS 9.3.1 to fix Web link crashing bug

    mnbob1 said:
    binki said:
    Only 2.2% of people are using Safari / web link apps that caused the crashes.  Still 100% crash with 9.3 that needed fixing.
    I'm not sure where you got the information that 100% with 9.3 needed fixing. That's completely false. Only those on any version of iOS 9.x had a problem because of the apps. If you had not downloaded one of their apps and upgraded it to the bloated version then you wouldn't have seen the problem. As one of the public beta testers I never experienced the problem with 9.3 because I don't typically use applications like that. Nothing wrong with iOS 9.3 except a bloated app that corrupted a feature and then left it broken even after it was deleted. How did it pass through the app store? It met all the criteria and the evaluaters don't have time to go through every line of code. If that was a requirement, apps would never get approved.
    Sorry, you're completely wrong, there's a definite problem for some devices. I installed 9.3 on iphone5 - no problem, installed on iphone5s - no problem, ipad2 - no problem. My ipad4 retina is however bricked, can't turn it off, can't connect to iTunes, stuck on the apple logo until the battery runs out, so can't install an update via software update, iTunes - it's stuffed. Prior to the upgrade - never had a single issue with Macs or iOS devices for 10 years.