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  • Interior Apple Park glass is so clear, distracted employees are walking into it there finally a purpose for all those white Apple logo stickers...? :)
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  • Review: Apple's 2019 13-inch MacBook Pro is an excellent, inexpensive workhorse

    ...non-upgradable = unappealing from this camp...
  • Apple hasn't patched critical vulnerabilities in macOS Big Sur & Catalina many paying customers really want a post Jobs Apple annual 'forced march', along with the inevitable collateral challenges...?
    ...has a 'bicycle for the mind' become a tether to the wallet...?
  • iPod Shuffle, cabled EarPods drafted in retro tech revival the shuffle can hold lossless music is it still valid especially for workouts...?  No tracking either...
  • Open letter asks Apple not to implement Child Safety measures

    “In a world without digital privacy, even if you have done nothing wrong other than think differently, you begin to censor yourself,” Cook said in a 2019 commencement speech at Stanford University. “Not entirely at first. Just a little, bit by bit. To risk less, to hope less, to imagine less, to dare less, to create less, to try less, to talk less, to think less. The chilling effect of digital surveillance is profound, and it touches everything.” 

    “Instead of focusing on making it easy for people to report content that’s shared with them, Apple has built software that can scan all the private photos on your phone -- even photos you haven’t shared with anyone,”

    I remember being shocked when Photos replaced iPhoto in that it had auto tagging with no opt out or off switch...
  • Apple pulls the plug on macOS Server

    I guess there is no "Server" for the rest of us.
    When they stripped out features- my small business which depended on it's features was thrown into a mess of problems-
    much like when our last Airport Extreme bit the dust.
    Gone was our easy internal messenger-
    gone was our internal wiki and dns setups.
    Our file sharing permissions started going wonky.
    Our centralized Time machine died-
    and - all of a sudden first we have to try the VPP system of software licenses- then the even more complicated Apple business manager- which wasn't set up for business at all- but for schools.
    The whole concept of Apple ID- for a shop with multiple computers- owned by a company- and assigned to employees- got super complicated-
    and it was super frustrating.
    Now- we have a raspberry pi running our DNS and our Wiki
    we're constantly having our apple messages go to personal phones instead of computers-
    time machine- may or may not work with the remote drives- and stops frequently.
    File sharing permissions get garbled more and more-
    And in a day when collaboration is all the rage-
    we're using fontbase to manage fonts-
    and a bunch of other programs that are halfassed collaboration tools- that should be where Apple is scoring big time.
    I wonder if anyone at Apple remembers when Apple was a small business?
    Because they sure don't act like they care about mine.
    Bring back Apple server. Please. Please. With all of it's ease of use capabilities.
    I feel your pain... Does a lack of roadmap or official support policy call into question what is worth investing in any software promoted by Apple as the next great thing...?
    Have shareholders increasingly benefited at the expense of long invested customers ? Is it time for a change of management that more transparently and predictably supports remaining mac business customers ?
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  • Studio Display issue prevents some owners from updating their monitors

    I cannot ever remember a monitor needing firmware upgrades... ?
    Has Apple earned a 'plug and pray' moniker since 2011 ?
    Is it time for a 'firmware upgrade' of senior management ?
  • Apple's Tim Cook delivers commencement address at Gallaudet University

    ... has 'lead with your values' been considered in the context of recent examples across the pond...?  Perhaps more critically will this be the AI zeitgeist from The Valley...? A big discussion...
  • Internal Apple communications show debate, uncertainty about 'right to repair'

    ...having finally succumbed to a mac pro tower that I can change a drive in minutes, I have to ask how much of Apple's hardware repairability (seemingly diminished since 2011) is anything other than a proprietary monetary policy...? I have also changed an iPhone 4s battery in minutes, entirely successfully.  One can always choose an Apple authorized dealer if one wants, and for many is that the best choice for reliability, safety, time, cost and efficacy? I usually have taken my cars to the OEM dealer for service for the same reason...
  • Netflix wants to crack down on users sharing passwords

    ...I don't know of any company that has raised pricing so much in such a short time, and here they 'bundle' 4K conditional on additional multiple seats irrespective of of customer need...  Is Kanopy an alternative via public libraries with seemingly more erudite content...?