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  • Apple confirms iOS 12's 'USB Restricted Mode' will thwart police, criminal access [u]

    Other sites have reported that it is optional and while you are connected to a trusted device it will not cut off access.
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  • Apple, other tech companies decry North Carolina anti-LGBT law

    So are Apple and other companies saying that only their opinion matters? Are they better than the voters of North Carolina that wanted this? I thought the left didn't like big business and money in politics?
    Actually what the legislature and governor did was overturn an LGBT anti-discrimination law passed in Charlotte. The legislature called a special session introduced the bill in the morning, passed it in the afternoon, and the governor signed the bill that night at 10PM. What they did was make it so that local governments cannot pass LGBT protections, and they can't change the minimum wage, only the state government can. So they hate gay people so much that they go out of there way to make life difficult. Oh and the minimum wage thing. I guess they love poor people. That's why they want to make sure they stay poor.
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  • Apple repair policy critic vows to fight 'counterfeit' battery seizure by U.S. customs

    There just isn't enough information here to know what happened. One form of what customs considers counterfeit is overruns. For instance, a contract battery manufacturer is contracted to make 10,000 batteries but makes 11,000. They fulfill the order and then sell the remaining 1,000 on their own. But they don't really own the batteries so they can't sell them as if there are original batteries. If it was this kind of situation Rossman would claim they are authentic batteries, and functionally they are, but legally they are not. The battery guy could have marked the 1,000 overrun in some other way but they wouldn't be worth as much which is why they don't. They are trading on the corporate name that they spent zero dollars or time building. A lot of the counterfeit material is this kind of counterfeit.
  • Apple, other tech companies decry North Carolina anti-LGBT law

    I'm a biological male who doesn't want biological females in the Men's Restroom when I'm using it.  Don't my feelings count for something, too?  

    Restrooms are assigned by sex, not by gender.  Gender is open to cultural interpretation, but biological sex is not.  There are serious risks to creating open bathrooms, and hurt feelings isn't one of them.  

    Before the most tolerant and open minded people on these boards close their minds and start calling me hateful and bigoted, please note that I am all for equality.  But, we must find a better solution than open restrooms.  
    I think you would be surprised to see what transgender people look like. There are men who were female on the birth certificate. They have beards. Some with rather buff bodies. And you want them in the women's room. There are women who were men on their birth certificate with breasts, and again, rather attractive bodies that you would not imagine were not biologically female. Already the major stadiums in North Carolina have policies that allow transgender people to use the bathrooms that they identify with and this law will do nothing to change that. I don't know you enough to have an opinion about your feelings, but if you are truly interested in this I encourage you to do some research. I think you will be surprised how logical the Charlotte ordinance was and how misguided the state is.
  • Philips Hue smart bulb allows hackers to attack your network

    The firmware update 1935144040 is for the hub, not the bulbs, and mine updated 1/23/2020. It's already rolled out for those using automatic updates. The Check Point site says, "It should be noted that more recent hardware generations of Hue lightbulbs do not have the exploited vulnerability." but they don't say how to know which bulb is which, at least not yet, or what percentage of Hue bulbs are vulnerable in the first place. Everyone seems to be reporting this slightly differently which is frustrating.
  • macOS 10.13.4 update breaks Duet Display, Air Display & USB DisplayLink drivers

    And how about a warning BEFORE the update is released and I have a problem. If it was a known problem in the BETA than let us know that there is a potential problem and not to update until they can verify how it will work in the final release. I wouldn't be surprised if there is not some sort of Apple rule against this but they figured out a workaround to make their app work, they should be able to figure out a way to notify their users.
  • iPhone 14 could sport upgraded front cameras for selfies, FaceTime calls

    I full on support the USB C connection, BUT, someone needs to figure out a way identify what a cable is capable of doing after you take it out of it's package. Simply standardizing the connection is only half the battle. The USB C plug poking out of the side of my MacBook has "Anker" printed on one side and nothing printed on the other. I only use it for power and I know it can handle what I need. What else can it do? I don't know. Maybe they could have printed the specifications on the other side. I expect the casual user has no idea the wide variation of capabilities of a cable with a USB C connection on both ends. But, OK, let's standardize on it.
  • US DOJ targets Apple for potential antitrust probe

    mjtomlin said:
    Pretty silly that Apple is included here. Especially since this about the practices of handling user data. It's understandable that they want to know how Apple handles the data, but Apple's been pretty vocal about security and privacy, and have taken many measures to combat misuse of it.
    This is about being a monopoly, not privacy. This is where it is fortunate that Apple is not the biggest player in any market. Android is bigger than iOS, Windows is bigger than MacOS, Spotify is bigger than Apple Music, a half dozen players will be bigger than AppleTV+, CDs sell better than songs from the iTunes store, Amazon sells more eBooks, there is no competitor for the App store. The question will be if they leverage their position in an anticompetitive way. It will also be a question of whether or not keeping the Apple ecosystem closed is anticompetitive.