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  • With iPhone 8, Apple's Silicon Gap widens as the new A11 Bionic obliterates top chips from...

    irnchriz said:
     cropr said:
    It's nice that the A11 outperforms the CPUs of other vendors, but the main question is: does it really matter?  I am using my iPhone 6s for calling, web browsing, emailing, checking my calendar, taking notes, paying, chatting, taking photos, checking bank account, playing music, checking public transport timetable.  And for none of these actions my iPhone 6s feels sluggish.   How impressive the A11 may be, I am not at all convinced that I will be more productive with a faster CPU.  
    One might say that the A11 is needed for face recognition, but I fail to see the advantage of face recognition versus TouchID.  I am pretty sure ApplyPay with face recognition will be more cumbersome ans slower to use than the current ApplePay.  The fact that I have to turn the phone to my face is inherently slower than putting my finger on the home button.
    Not sure about how you use Apple Pay but I find the following happens:

    When I double click to launch it I often end up on my home screen and have to press sleep then try again (I find it works better on my Apple Watch although thats a bit awkward to use with fixed readers).  Anyhoo, I have to look at the screen to make sure its ready to Pay then touch my finger and present the phone to the reader, so having to look at the phone to pay isn't going to be any different, maybe a bit more successful to invoke as Im not going to end up on the home screen.
    You're not supposed to click the home button when using Apple Pay with your phone. You just hold it up to the terminal and place your finger on the home button when ready. 
  • Taylor Swift's Apple Music streaming record crushed by new Cardi B album

    The article fails to mention that there are probably an extra 10 million new subscribers since Swift’s album release.